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This World Youth Day made me realize several things. It reminded me how broken I am, but more importantly, that I am being held together and made whole by God’s mercy. I’m reminded of the truth that I am living by God’s mercy, which is so real, so redeeming and so fulfilling in my life.

God’s mercy is so real. He made it possible for me to attend WYD when I thought my finances won’t be enough.  It has long been my dream to travel outside the country, go to Europe, attend a pilgrimage, and I realize now that God fulfilled all those dreams in this single event.




God’s mercy redeemed me.  Before attending the event I felt broken and lost; overwhelmed by expectations and situations in various aspects of my life. I committed mistakes that led me to a lot of questions and self-doubt. I know I didn’t deserve this anymore but still, God gave me this wonderful gift. He reminded me yet again, through WYD, how precious I am in His eyes and how His mercy can fill the gaps of my heart and my relationships. He surprised me with such great love which I found in the generosity of my host families, in new friendships built, in the long walks, in the beauty of Poland and in the messages of Pope Francis.





God’s mercy is truly fulfilling because through the World Youth Day, God filled my heart with so much happiness. His mercy gave hope and peace to my heart that I now carry as I go back home. I’ve been questioning Him a lot on where He is leading me but His mercy assured me that I can trust Him even more because truly, wherever God leads is paradise.

Shared by Ate Jeanne Peralta
Mission Volunteer
YFL Pilgrim to WYD Poland 2016

**Photo credits: Dominic Ureta (FLiQ Media)

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  • Lele

    Great set of photos here Ray! I hear Boston is pretty hot and humid right now so I can see why they are all enjoying theelmsves

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