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Last February 14, I experienced reaching my 20’s as I celebrated my birthday with great joy. In fact it’s such a joyous occasion that it even became a birthday week! Each day had a special surprise stored and this is what I want to share with you in this sharing of mine by a series of major events that happened within the week.

Days before the birthday week, I had been praying to the Lord to show him the things he can concerning the desires in my heart and in His heart. Of course I wouldn’t know what to expect because I myself am confused with what I actually want. Sometimes the desires I have don’t actually match with the Lord’s desires in his heart, so I didn’t have any idea what he would show me within my birthday week. I prayed on this as the week approached. The more I prayed for it, the more nervous I got anxious I got for reasons unknown to me. I was excited and maybe scared at the same time for just turning of turning 20, or maybe for reasons beyond my understanding. All I knew was the birthday week was about to begin and I was about to ride the roller coaster of my Lord’s desires.

Feb 10: The night of this I spoke to a mentor and a friend of mine named RJ Moriones. During this time we ate at Mcdo near the Home Office. We spoke about many things from studies, to family, and eventually to service. Out of all the things we discussed, the one thing I really took into heart was when he told me “We do this service because we ourselves witnessed how God greatly loved us. Through this love, we learn to become fearless in loving others for he loved us first. Sana ipagpatuloy natin yung pagmamahal nay an kahit minsan sobrang hirap na.” In short he gave me the message of Loving others fearlessly no matter how hard it is for it is through love that we do our mission.

Feb 11: I went to DLSZ to attend a band concert, which ended up to be a very awesome concert. During my visit there I prepared a gift to be given to a girl that I found very important to me. Of course I was anxious since I was giving it to a girl of course. As I attempted to give my gift however she seemed to have become very distant to me. It felt as if my friendship between her and me has become so distant. As I drove home to Pasig all I could say was sorry in my head, only I really didn’t know why I was saying sorry. Was it saying sorry that I wanted to show how important she is? Was it saying sorry for making her an important person? Was it saying sorry for having this feeling in general? It gave me the impression that showing love was wrong in the real world or more specifically trying to express love to a person important to you was wrong. Don’t get me wrong I had no intention of courting her, but it gave me the question of why it was wrong.

Feb 13: Everyone was prepping up for the V day, which in my case is my birthday, and everyone was already anxious about the day. Many wanted to court, many wanted to plan dates, and many planned to declare romantic love to their planned target. It gave me a thought “if in romantic love, people are willing to gamble so much to make it work, how come when it comes to parents and friends, we don’t make the same preparation. Did it need to be in romantic love to do all these things?” As I thought these things, I then recalled what happened last Feb 11 and thought “You think she misinterpreted all the things I did?” I got this thought as I watched all the events happening in Feb 13.

Feb 14: Love filled my birthday as Valentine’s Day arrived. People were giving gifts and getting cozy with their fellow partners. My plans? Well I had an accounting Long Test so I was too stressed to celebrate just yet. As the day passed, I made plans with my blockmates to watch LEGO in eastwood since we didn’t have plans for Valentines plus we could celebrate my birthday. After the series of events, from the Accounting LT to the LEGO movie, I had dinner at 12:00 am with a blockmate of mine named Simon Cheng. I told him what happened lately and he gave me a quote which struck me greatly in which he said “If there’s one lesson I learned in love, it’s that I never thought I could never hurt a person as much as how much I love her. We always think that when something bad happens in love, we’re the victim; however, have you considered how much you hurt her as well?” From that moment I took a long pause and thought back. I finally pieced out that what I did apparently was out the context of friendship and out of love. I never thought of it that way since in my context I really aimed it to be out of pure friendship. For the first time, I understood what this feeling was and why, but I also wanted to tell the world that the amount of love you show in romantic love can also be shown when you love your friends and family.

Feb 15: My family and I celebrated my birthday in Laguna and my friends from Pasig came over to celebrate. During the day all we did was have fun with each other, talk and play games, and just relaxed throughout the whole day. In the day, my friends, tito’s and tita’s, and my family just had the time of their life just being happy. Seeing all of them just made me say “I love you guys” and their only response was that “Yes migs we love you too” or “oohh so gay” or “Awww aiyeee” and stuff like that. These only made me smile even more and just laughed throughout the day.

So yes these events have been special in their own way. Though you might ask “So what’s the lesson behind all these thing?” Well it’s simple really and I want to tell you what I learned from certain verses of songs.

“Love never fails, never gives up, comes down and rescues us, sets us free, is our one desire, and is what define us as Gods servants.”

Never fails to express our inner selves

Never gives up even if the trials are difficult

Comes down and rescues each one of us from despair and sorrow

Sets us free for even just a moment

Our one desire for our desire of God which is all of these

Defines us as God’s servant because he made us with love

I guess I just want to say that romantic love, parental love, and friendship love fall under the category of true love. Love afterall takes on many shapes and sizes so its prone to misinterpretation and misunderstanding; however, love is still love no matter how you look into it.

Love, such a mysterious and wonderful thing. Thank you Lord for this gift.




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