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First of all, praise and glory be to God for this opportunity to tell to people of His amazing love. I thank the Lord for guiding me in this community and letting me experience his great love. As we grow in this community we are called to do many things and we are called to be servants in different areas. Many YFLs all over the world serving in different areas were facing this kind of question, “Why am I chosen in this kind of leadership position? There’s a lot of people far better than me, why me?” I myself will tell you I’m not exempted to face this question. Every time I was called to a different area I always asked the Lord, why me? Why am I entrusted to serve in this area? Why did you call me in the first place? And every time I asked this question he ends up answering me “My son I love you and I want you to experience my love for this area, to experience a new kind of me”.  I want to share three things that I always hold onto when in this kind of situation.

God loved us first. We are not here in this community and experiencing the best life because of our love for God but we are here because God loves us. In response to that love we must commit ourselves to love God and to love others. We have heard in assemblies and conferences that we are in the business of loving people, yes, God has entrusted to us his business of loving people and right now God is calling us to love people in our areas and people in every aspect of our lives.

Second, God expects us to be better. He always calls us to tasks that we are not capable of. God had great faith in us that before we even start doing things in our service he knows already that we can do it. Why didn’t he call someone better than you? Because you are called not because of your strength but because God wants to prove to you his limitless power, it is not because you are perfect for this program or you are perfect for this area, but by the grace of God you’ll be perfected.

Last, Community life is so great. God really blessed us with people that we are with in this community. There is always an Ate or a Kuya that you’ll relate with, an older fellow that shares the same story with you. Not the exact story itself but similar with your past and present situations and because they are really loving people, they’ll be there for you, talk to you, guide you and pray for you. Our Community is a reminder that you are not alone in the life you are living, that there are thousands of people sharing your convictions. When I’m at a conferences and youthfests I’m always astounded by the multitude of young people that are with me in this kind of life. I’m always telling myself “Hindi lang ako yung binabago ng Diyos kundi lahat ng taong nandito”.

In the end, God wants us to share our story to others, despite our limitations, despite our sinfulness; God brought us here for people to see that we are transformed the way we are right now because of his love. Sometimes we may feel unworthy, that’s true, who is worthy of his great love but despite being unworthy we must be brave enough to tell others that, Yes! I am unworthy yet I am loved. If you are called by God the answer is yes, and that one yes will be the greatest accomplishment that you have ever done in your life because God will lead you to greater things, He will never fail you because He loves you so much.




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