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January is the month of new beginnings. This is the time where people usually make their New Year’s Resolutions and plan what they want to be for the year. I would also like to make my own list since this year is a bit special for me.

This is because 2014 is the year where I will turn 31 and it will also be my 10th year in mission work. It is quite a milestone actually, so I really want to make a list that is not about what I should do for myself but more of what I should do for others. It is also quite fitting since the theme of our community this year is “Empowered to Witness”.

The Rule of Three

It is a bit hard to start since you want to put on so many things in your list but one of my professors in Don Bosco Centre of Studies taught us that if we want to remember something and would want that to be always in our heart, then we should master the Rule of Three. After much deliberation I finally came up with my road map for 2014. Let me share to you how I can be a better witness this year as I choose to:


1. See

This year I decided that I will try to see God in everyone:

I will try to look at people as God’s sons and daughters and see the goodness in everyone.
I will try to see where people are coming from and understand their point of view.
I will try to see the needs of the youth and try to bring them closer to Jesus.
I will try to see the poor in the flesh and be a source of hope for them.
I will try to see everything as God’s gift for me and be grateful about it.


2. Search

This year I decided that I will actively search for God’s plan for me:

I will talk to my spiritual director as often as possible.
I will spend more time in prayer and reading the scripture.
I will try to go to Mass and visit the Blessed Sacrament daily.
I will immerse myself among the youth more and get inspiration from them.
I will go out and meet all of my friends and relatives and try to be a witness to them.


3. Surrender

This year I decided that I will let go and let God:

I will not complain about the hardships of life rather, I will try to discover God through them.
I will let go of all past hurts and pains; and let God made me a new person.
I will let God take control of the things that I cant control.
I will be dependent on God by asking Him more to help me this year.
I will be braver this year by surrendering all of my fears to the Lord.


I don’t know if you have made your own list but my prayer is that whatever happen this year may we truly be a better witness for the Lord. May we get to know Him better this year and continuously fall in love with Him! May we be braver to stand up for God and share His great love for us specially among family and friends! May the people we live with start to recognize God through our lifestyle and not just share a list that we written but never lived by.




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