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A few days ago I was hanging out in coffee shop when I noticed two girls in front of me giggling and smiling as they talked about their dream Valentine’s date. I can’t help but overhear them as they share their desire for chocolates, flowers, and that special night with their dream date. I guess with all the hanging hearts in the malls and all the love songs in the air waves, and the romantic shows you can find in TV, it is not difficult to see that, truly, love is in the air.

I guess most of you are also “IN” the season of love. Maybe some of you are also longing for that Valentine’s date and go into romantic relationships. But just before you invite someone to go out with you this Friday or do something crazy, like professing your undying love to your crush this Valentine’s day, let me remind you of few things about love and romantic relationships.


What is a Romantic Relationship?

Romantic relationship is a commitment; it involves total giving of oneself.  A lot of times it entails sacrifices for the good of the other person. Such relationships must be born out of true love–being ready to accept the other person for who he/ she is. It is not just a fad, it doesn’t mean that because it is cool to go into a relationship this Valentine’s day that you should have one too. Entering into a relationship is not a piece of clothing that once it is popular you wear it and change it whenever you want it.

Remember that entering into a relationship involves your whole being.  If you enter it for the wrong reasons, you end up hurting the other person and yourself as well.  But it will be a great blessing, if you enter in it with the right reason and in the right time.  It will make you a better man/ woman if done in the right way. That is why I encourage you to take on my Valentine’s Challenge.


Valentine’s Challenge

I challenge you to evaluate yourself and check yourselves before entering into a relationship.  If we still do not fair on one or all of the 3 R’s, then we still have to work on ourselves first and don’t even bother entering into an exclusive relationship just yet.


All love comes from God because He is love.  It is important that we make ourselves right with God first.  Do we put God first above everything else?  Check yourself! If we cannot commit to love the Lord first, then we are not yet ready to love another person.  We should be able to give everything to the Lord and fully commit to Him. Thus, making Him fill us with love.


We should enter into a relationship because we want to share our true love to another person.  We should not do it just to be “in”. It is not because of peer pressure or just because you feel that all of your friends are in a relationship that you should be in one too. Only when your love cup is already overflowing can you say that you have the right reason to love another person.


The end goal of a romantic relationship is marriage.  If we see that at this point in our lives, marriage is far from our priorities, then we should set ourselves to delay first romantic relationships, and prioritize on the more important things in our lives like school and service to the Lord.


God has given us this time, Valentine’s Day,  to find out who is our one true love. Remember that He loves us and He has a plan for us, and part of this beautiful plan is for us to have the best love life we can ever have. If we will only surrender the pen of our love story to God, rest assured, we have a future worth waiting for. Love is good.  Love is beautiful. Take this time to know your true and eternal Valentine, Jesus.




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