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For someone who gets easily irritated when it comes to waiting may it be for food, someone or even a ride; It is really a challenge to wait patiently. Back then, I was not really fond of the idea of waiting. The thought of just standing alone waiting outside for someone is a big no for me; I even feel antsy just by standing in front of a counter waiting for my order in a fast food restaurant.

But over the years, as I became a part of Missionary Families of Christ – Youth community, gradually, little by little I learned that there are so many beautiful things to unfold when it comes to waiting. That there is more than just being bored standing outside and also than being irritated over the fact that you needed to stay put. Finding beauty in something that irritates you is not easy. I have learned over the years that you don’t just get to have the strength to wait patiently, you have to earn it. When you love the things you do, you’ll never get irritated about it and that’s what I did, little by little I always tell myself to always find love in every little thing I do. I’ve reminded myself to never get tired of finding reasons to love what I’m doing. That each time that I have to patiently wait for something, I need to remember that I love doing these things so I must wait patiently for it.

In this fast-paced world of ours, where almost everything is instant it is a test in our very core to wait patiently. It challenges us to make the most out of everything while we wait, while we wait for the future ahead of us, while we wait for the wonderful plan of the Lord for us. When we surrender ourselves and just wait patiently for the things that are about to come in our lives, piece by piece the puzzle of our lives will be made by God and turn it to His own masterpiece. That’s theĀ  beauty i found waiting patiently for whatever that God wants to unfold in my life.

Lindzay Calibara is a Mission Volunteer for MFC Youth serving in the area of NCR Central

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