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What is a commitment to you? 

Have you experienced being committed to something, to a person, a project, a job, an institution, or an organization? If yes, how does being committed affect you?

I’ve been serving the Lord for almost 6 years and I can say that it’s really a lifelong process to be committed to something. It’s really hard to be a committed servant because difficulties have their own ways of attacking us. However, as I grow spiritually, I’ve learned that difficult moments lead us to commit and being committed leads us to be true to our calling, and it molds us to be an authentic Christian.

Our eyes must be really fixed on Jesus alone in whatever circumstances come to our life. Commitment is being TRUE to our “YES” to God. These are the things I have learned on how to be committed:

  1. Trust. We need to trust that there is one true God who trusts us and believes in us. There may be fear inside us, but we should still believe as God believes.
  2. Respond. For us to be able to be true servants and authentic Christians, we need to respond to whatever mission God is calling and entrusting us! Our response will always lead us to greater things. 
  3. Unite. We are not alone in this battle, God united us to make the mission possible! He will always fight for us.
  4. Engage. A true servant always engages! Let us not be selfish, we are called to make all youth know Christ, and it will never happen if we don’t engage.

Being committed affects my whole entire life. It gives direction to my life and I am able to enhance and deepen my relationship with the Lord. To commit is a choice but never a haphazard or random, “pinag-iisipan at pinaplano ito kasama siya.”

Psalm 37:5 says, “Commit your way to the Lord; Trust in Him, and He will act”.

In every decision we have in life, the Lord is there. We must be conscious that without committing, we cannot achieve anything. Whatever calling you need to answer right now, it will always gives purpose. 

Jillian Espiritu is a Mission Volunteer at MFC Youth serving in the area of NCR Central

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