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We started the year 2020 with a lot of challenges. From Taal volcanic eruption, Australia’s bushfire, the death of Kobe, Gigi and others through helicopter crash, and the spread of the Corona Virus in the world that forced a lot of countries to lock down and stop the economy. We can never imagine worse than that. Truly, we have encountered winds and floods that buffeted the world and our personal lives.

I started my year with my grandfather in the ICU. Every night I need to go to the hospital to check on him. My family is struggling for the hospital bills and I cannot even help them because I don’t have any source of income at that time and that’s when, the government announced the lockdown here in Metro Manila. I was worried about a lot of things at that time and is asking God, “How can I find a job? How can I continue doing missions? How can I help to provide for my family?”. I felt like my world is going to stop at that time. But then I realized that the Lord always has a plan even in this kind of situation and I won’t have to do anything but to have faith and trust Him with all my heart.

And true enough, God has a great plan. He answered all the things that I am worried about. He answered all of my prayers by giving me a lot of people here in the community to help us with our basic needs. And more than that, God allowed me to find ways to continue my mission work. 

I can say that my family was able to go through the challenges of this year simply because of God’s providence, faithfulness, and greatness to us. God is continuously blessing us this year amidst the pandemic by allowing us to witness how great He is and by allowing us to discover and learn new things.

It is truly a rough year for all of us but may we never forget how the Lord is holding our hands tight and is guiding us to get through all the challenges that we are facing. May we never forget to see not just with our eyes but also with our hearts all the blessings that God showers us this year.

Smith Pinera is a Mission Volunteer of MFC Youth serving in the Area of NCR North.

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