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Breakfast is often labeled as the most important meal of the day. There are a lot of amazing health benefits we can obtain from having breakfast such as being energized for the rest of the day, having a boosted immune system and good digestion, and a lot more. It is truly one thing that people should not skip doing.

Personally, in spite of all the benefits we can get from eating breakfast, it is something I rarely do. My first meal is usually at lunch, or what we call “brunch.” I was never a morning person – thus, I was never a breakfast person as well. I would rather start my tasks and classes with an empty stomach just to extend my sleep. Well, my standard of a good sleep is at least ten hours. And so, I would always choose sleep over breakfast. Come 2021, I had this goal of being more productive and excellent every day. We all know that a goal is just a wish if set without a plan. That is why I evaluated myself. What causes my laziness? Praise God, I was able to identify the answer – lack of daily motivation. I know that if every time I wake up, all I want to do for the rest of the day is to sleep again, relax, and just spend all day as leisure time, I will not be able to achieve my goal. 

Mornings are very crucial because we all know that if we win the morning, then we win the day. This is the reason why I started searching for something that will motivate me every time I start my day. I asked myself, “What’s something that makes me happy? What’s something I can look forward to every morning?” I think you’ve guessed it right – food! When the year started, I challenged myself to make it a must that I will be able to eat good breakfast daily. Not just the leftovers last night, but really good food before I go on my day. 

This shift with my eating habits is just a little change, but it definitely made a huge impact on my daily life. Before I sleep, I already plan what I’m going to have for breakfast. I am like a kid whose field trip will happen tomorrow, so excited that his things are already ready. Whether his sleep is short or long, when the alarm rings, no matter how early, there is no room for the snooze button.  This is the kind of excitement I now get every morning thinking about the good food I am about to consume. Due to this, I am able to spend my day more productively. 

Indeed, breakfast is the most important thing of the day. However, there is one more thing I realized. If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, what is the most important breakfast of the day? It’s the Word of God! More than the perfectly cooked sunny side up egg and perfectly brewed coffee, the motivation, inspiration, and drive for us to be more productive each and every day can be found in God. By feeding ourselves with the word of God everyday through prayer, reading the scriptures, and reflecting, we are able to truly win the morning – and also win the whole day. 

It’s not easy to have this kind of breakfast every day – spending time with God – for it requires commitment; but if done faithfully and consistently, growth is guaranteed. Let us not deprive ourselves of good food every morning, but let us also not deprive ourselves of the most important breakfast – Word of God. Cliché as it sounds but it is true that if we win our morning, then we win the day.

Brent Balda is a Mission Volunteer of MFC Youth serving in the area of NCR North.

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