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Holiness can be defined as an impossible state of any human being because people think or feel  that it’s not for everyone. But to be honest, it’s the most beautiful calling for us because its attribute is  distinct for us Catholics because this calling sets us apart. Being different from others, total detachment  from the things of the world and living in accordance with God. This may seem crazy but this is how we are  set apart. 

But how are we to be set apart? Being set apart is choosing not the easiest way but the way of the  cross, and that is the way to heaven. We have to embrace the cross of Christ for us to be rooted in Him,  having this posture of dying to self which leads to self-sacrificial love. Because of this we learn to forgive  unlimitedly because it gives us continuous conversion. As we continue to be set apart we may experiences  discouragement because there will be moments where it seems hopeless or uncontrollable, but don’t forget  that we have to be strong and take heart because we hope in the Lord! Don’t forget on what the Lord has  already done and what can he do more!. 

Being set apart requires unconditional love that we even love our enemies. This would puzzled our  mind but that’s how we are to grow into holiness by always desiring for the good of the other by being good  to them, blessing them by not cursing on them and praying for them since we desire good for them. Part of  loving your enemies is having the joy in suffering because it brings endurance. Despite the fact we  experience persecution, oppression or being under assault. We should be meek and humble because in  these situations where we rely to God more. We can endure all of these and be confident in our Lord who  is strong and we put our hopes in Him. 

As God’s chosen ones, being set apart is having compassion for others especially to those who  are seeking the light. This is not easy and it becomes even harder and almost impossible when people  gives up already. Nevertheless we never give up on them because Jesus himself loved us up to the very  end.  

As we live out our call to holiness, we must have this attitude of gratitude in every moment for the  reason that God always provides at the right time, at the right moment and at the right reason since He  knows what we need. Similarly it brings us to having a deeper relationship with the Lord. 

This distinct call of being set apart may be like a marathon and we may feel that there is no visible  reward in these, sometimes it comes to a form of worldly dishonor and we can be rejected by this world.  But then again, it is not the about the honor we receive but the glory we give to God. And our reward is to  be with God in heaven! That’s the ultimate glory! 

Living a life of holiness is to be set apart, it may seem challenging and it goes against the tide but  this what we are destined to do. May we not get tired of doing things that is for the Lord. This way to  holiness is the best life that God has prepared for us. 

Mac De Leon is a Full Time Pastoral Worker of Missionary Families of Christ. He serves as the Youth Coordinator of MFC CAMPUS and as the Area Youth Servant of NCR North.

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