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by Jenille Angelica Muñoz
YFL Cluster Servant
District of Parañaque

Makeup and high heels, infectious dance beats, multicolored sugary drinks, a millions smiles for the camera – these all create a very familiar scene to the standard teenager. Yet, something was different in the air. You could tell this wasn’t going to be your typical night out. Even though a lot of things were missing, absolutely nothing was lacking. Not a drop of alcohol or a single cigarette stick was present, and neither were scantily clad girls and overly obnoxious boys. In place of these and all the other vices that usually accompany them were something far better – a commitment of purity for God and a statement that we can party while still keeping Him in our hearts.

The Live Pure Covenant is composed of four points: Free Your Mind, Stop Look Discern, Chit Chat Chaste, and Don’t Haste Be Chaste. As I see it, the bottom line of all of these is simply respect – respect for oneself and respect for those around you – because God is within each and every one of us. God is within us, thus we are more than capable of overcoming worldly temptations and controlling our desires. God is within us, thus it is our duty to watch over and be accountable for those whom He has blessed us with. God is within us, thus His holiness must radiate from every expression of our being, whether seen, heard or hidden. God is within us, thus we must maintain the purity that He has gifted us with by treating ourselves and each other with the respect that He Himself calls for.

The Live Pure Night provided a perfect setting for all of us to realize these. After all, a clear picture of your own beauty and that of the world around you will be easier to see when there’s no smoke to blur your vision, and memories of brotherhood and sisterhood will last longer when you have God’s love running through your veins instead of alcohol. We don’t need to taint our souls and our bodies to reach the high we search for. Contrary to what the world dictates, this doesn’t minimize the fun. God can heighten any experience beyond what any earthly measure can ever hope to achieve. We can live pure and still live life to the fullest, as long as we live for God alone. Let’s party, and party pure!

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