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By Danamae Arocha

“For we are CALLED, we are CHOSEN, we are SET APART” -Malachi 3:3

Being called to serve and to witness lives being changed before your eyes, is such an extraordinary feeling God blessed me with this weekend. Going into this camp, I honestly didn’t know what to expect out of it. It was one of those things when you know you just have to rely on God and trust that He has this perfect plan waiting for you. Before, I didn’t know what being set apart really meant nor did I know what he had in store for me. I didn’t realize that this camp would not only change my life, but change so many young hearts as well. This camp was not about what if I don’t do my job as a leader right, or what if I mess up on my sharing, or what if I don’t meet the right kind of people here. It wasn’t about any of that. This camp was not about me anymore. My for this camp was to lead young hearts to Jesus Christ and for everything that we do is all for the glory of God. Whether this was your millionth time falling in love with God, or if this was your first– it’s still the besting feeling you can ever experience in this world.

I am so blessed to be able to meet so many amazing brothers and sisters this weekend. I was able lead a group of young sisters that inspired me so much, to be a greater woman of God. To be able for them to open to me, let me see so much of God’s perfect love in each and everyone of them. Everything that they said and did made my heart smile so much for knowing that God is so ever present that He let me witness such beautiful, inspiring, and passionate sisters in front of me. They taught me to be loving & caring to everyone around me. And they taught me to be a better sister in my life. Every single person that I met this weekend, in some way, made a mark in my heart that will forever be there.

One thing that I always believed was that through all my struggles I face, it’s all part of something even greater. Sometimes in my life, I would ask God why He would give me crosses that are so hard for me to carry. I realized that God only gives you things in your life because He already knows that you’re strong enough to handle it. During that weekend, I was called to play a role as a sinner in a skit. As a sinner, there are times when you fall into the worldly sins around you, and you feel as if you can’t get yourself back up. During that moment I didn’t act a part. I played a part in my life that I know I can relate to. There are times in my life when I fall through temptations and traps that the devil stored for me. I fall into things that I believe is what makes me happy… but it’s not. God showed me that even through those times, God is still fighting for you. God forgives you and loves you. And in the end, Jesus Christ ALWAYS saves.

During Sunday praisefest, I remember experiencing something so great that touched me so dearly. As I was in the back of everyone worshiping, I remember seeing so many hands being raised up to God praising His name. When I saw this, my heart was in awe knowing that so many lives were willing to give everything they have up to God. In those three days at camp, each and everyone of those participants lives were changed forever. A moment during worship, I remember seeing a vivid white crucifix in the midst of everyone. It was the most incredible feeling I’ve ever experienced. That’s when I knew, God used me as His instrument this weekend. He used to be lead so many lives to Him. He taught me that His love was far more than enough. He is everything.

I know this is just a jumble of experiences I had during this camp, and some of this might not even make sense hahaha, but trust me on this, we all are CALLED, we all are CHOSEN, and we all are SET APART. “When we are set apart for Him, we don’t just try to fit Him into our life. Rather, we build our entire life around Him. Our life doesn’t just imitate the world around us with a few higher morals tacked on. Rather, our life is a glorious display of His selflessness, sacrificial love, and purity. We don’t live for our own pleasure when we are set apart for Christ. Rather, we become a living sacrifice for Him every moment of the day. As it says all throughout Scripture, we cannot love Him and love the things of this world. We must choose this day which master we are going to serve.” When we are set apart, we are willing to lay down our lives for Him. We are saying that this is not our life, but His. So we should humble our hearts for Him.

This camp was life changing and indescribable for me. To be able to see His love through all the people that have touched my life and all the experiences I’ve faced is truly a blessing. For the entire service team, parent coordinators, camp leaders/servants, and most especially the participants did an inspiring job making this joyride happen. I Praise God for allowing me to serve Him & others in this wonderful and humbling experience.

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