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The best way of being witnesses of God’s love is to live our lives for Him! This is how the saints have witnessed God’s love to the world. The Lord is now giving us opportunities to witness for Him in the way saints have testified for Him. He is empowering us today so that we can be saints one day.

Saints are people who have decided to pursue God. Every day they choose to follow God even if their life situations are difficult. It is a pursuit that can only be sustained by  strength that comes from God. That is why amidst suffering, trials and pain they continued to pursue Him. They did not allow anything or anyone to stop them from pursuing Him. In doing so, they have made their lives a pursuit of loving God and what God loves. This is the most exciting life and the greatest adventure one could ever have! 

Saints are saints because they have witnessed God’s great love for them and decided to live their lives for Him. This is the reason why they never stopped loving, imitating and pursuing God. If we have witnessed God’s great love for us, then we need to be a witness for Him. We need to strive to be saints in the making by living holy lives today! 



Christianity spread all over the world because of radical witnesses called martyrs. Our martyrs have offered their all, even their own life in order to witness for God. Their witnessing inspired the conversion of thousands of people. Their witnessing have allowed millions of people to know and experience the love of God. 

Unfortunately, a lot of Christians today are afraid to be martyrs, this is because most of us today have a misconception about martyrdom. Most of us think of martyrs as people who only focus on self-denial, pain and hurts. What we fail to see is that martyrdom is all about love. It is not about denial, pain or hurt but it is about denying yourself and enduring pain willingly for the one you love. It is all about selfless love!

Love is the free self-giving of the heart (CCC 2346). True martyrdom then is all about this kind of love, a love that is willing to deny oneself and put the good of others first even up to the point of death. It is a difficult way of loving because we are not just called to love the people that we want to love, but every person we encounter in life. But we will be able to do it because God has given us the power to love (2 Tim 1:7). Hence, we are called to commit a selfless act, to give a selfless love. We are called to choose the cross before us and put the world behind us. We are called to make a decision to be Modern Day Martyrs!

We can be Modern Day Martyrs if we can be selfless by giving our all in our service! If we learn to stop thinking of ourselves and start thinking of others, then we can be radical witnesses for God.



All of us have a choice, you can either choose to fight in this war; which might get you hurt or be a spectator and be a casualty of war. Either way I assure you that victory in this war is ensured by God.

We are his warriors and we fight for our faith, our family and for life! We fight not on the level of excitement, but of commitment for this will be a long war. We are willing to fight even if the battle gets tough! We are his warriors!

We are his warriors and we choose to be brave amidst the hardship of the battle. We know that war is always bloody. We are willing to suffer, even death, so that others might live! We are his warriors! 

The book of Tito Frank, “Called to be Saints, Martyrs, and Warriors” made me realize that my sacred calling requires a sacred response because the task to be witnesses for God is urgent. Let us move forward in battle as Holy Warriors, called to be saints, martyrs and warriors.

Karlo Marbida is a Full Time Pastoral Worker of Missionary Families of Christ – Youth. He is currently serving as Regional Coordinator for the Luzon Provinces. 

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