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When we think of the word “warrior” oftentimes we would imagine either a knight in the medieval times, a samurai’s and ninja’s in the Sengoku period, or warlords from the Era of the three kingdoms. We would think of them wielding weapons in their conquest of saving the poor, conquest of conquering territories, or a conquest of gaining power and wealth. While these are still very true to this day, there is one more image of a warrior that is presented by the author of this book. The image he presents us today is no other than our Mother Mary.

At first glance, it’s hard to imagine that Mother Mary was a warrior. She did not hold any weapon physically, she did not go into battle while she was alive, and she was very delicate and caring to be seen as a warrior. The author however breaks into our heads and presents to us an image of Mary being crucial to our battle against the evil one. If not for her, the battle against the evil one would have not  been won, the Catholic Church would have not been found, and there would be no hope for salvation for us all. Our Mother Mary may not be a warrior in a sense that she conquered territories and won battles, but our Mother Mary is a warrior in a sense that she continues to save souls by leading people to Christ and winning battles by crushing Satan and his minions. She is as much of a warrior as everyone fighting in the front lines saving souls for Christ!

As we continue to fight for Christ, the author presents to us different virtues that we may obtain from Mary and apply it into our daily lives. Though he presents a lot of virtues, I would like to highlight three that have struck me:

  • Obedience out of Trust

If we look back at the story of Mary’s yes, this was the first instance we see Mary’s obedience to God. Though she was doubtful how things would take place, nevertheless she still gave her yes to the angel. She did this simply out of trust to the Lord. She may not have understood at that moment, but all she knew was that this was from a God who loved her. And so she chose to place her trust in Him.

  • Bravery born of Selflessness

We can also see many instances where she bravely took action out of her selfless heart for others. As king Herod ordered the execution of all babies, she fled along with Joseph and the baby Jesus to Egypt. When we saw that there was no more wine, she approached Jesus and asked if He could do anything about it. When Jesus was about to be crucified, she followed Him to the end even if there was a chance she would be caught and framed as well. She was brave to do all these things because of her love for the people around her.

  • Humility to Carry the Cross with Christ

The last and most important virtue she had. As she said yes to Christ’s plan, there may have been many instances where she had a lot of questions and struggles along the way. Despite all these questions and struggles, she chose to keep all these things in her heart, embraced the plan of God, and continued forward following Jesus until the end. She lived out the words she had said to angel “May it be done unto me according to your word”, living her life with humility and choosing to embrace the cross God had given to her.

These are the virtues that Mary obtained. Had it been a different story, the story of salvation may not have happened at all. As we continue our mission, let us walk in the footsteps of Mary in following her example of becoming a Holy Warrior. It is by doing this that we come closer to her and come closer to Christ as well. Lastly let us take her yes to Christ and make it our yes too.

“loqui verbum tuum, fiat voluntas tua in me, et”

“Speak your word to me and let your will be done”

Miguel Magtibay is Full Time Pastoral Worker of Missionary Families of Christ – Youth. He is currently serving in the area of NCR South.

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