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YFL Campus Based had a Campus Recollection last February 4, 2018. It was held at Nuestra Señora De Gracia Parish, Makati City. Remarkably, the Campus Team discerned and renamed the Campus Recollection into #CaRe.

Renaming the Campus Recollection into CaRe reminded the servant leaders that in Campus Based “We Care.” We [the Campus Team] Care for every heart that has been entrusted to us. We let them feel the care that they deserve from the Lord through the campus based program, and because in Campus, #WeCaRe.

The main objective of CaRe is to spiritually nourish and pamper every servant’s heart. Through CaRe, the YFL Campus Based program hopes to inspire servants to reflect, refresh and recharge in their daily journey in Campus Life.



The first CaRe truly fulfilled this objective. It helped the Campus Team realize the truth that everyone must acknowledge God’s total guidance in his/her Campus life. It served as a reminder to the participants that for one to be truly great, one must have the courage to take the lowest place in humble service. In addition, it made the campus servants realize that they need to recognize that somebody can help them; that they in return ought to empower their members, accept their weaknesses, embrace their strengths and take courageous risks for the Lord and with the Lord. They are challenged to care as how they are taken cared of by God.

After the first #CaRe, the campus servants are empowered that true greatness is only found in God. It is God who is great, and it is only by the grace of God and the strength of the Spirit that they can be great as well, as God intends. With this affirmations from #CaRe, the Campus Based Servants are inspired to surrender to the grace of God, as St. Marie Eugenie of Jesus did “Traditus Gratiae Dei!”



If you’re interested to know more about the Campus Based Program and their activities, you may contact the program coordinator, Roliet Deo Arellano, via phone at <+63(2) 718-2213> or email at <>

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