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I just want to share my extraordinary experience during our Area Youth Conference.  First, I am so grateful to God because I was given the opportunity to serve him through our AYC (Area Youth Conference) through logistics. But it was not actually that easy to serve because during the preparation, my time for studies and my family got affected. Despite the struggles I have experienced during the previous month for the AYC preparation, the Lord never left my side. There were times that I really did not know what to do but the Lord reminded me that what is more important is the reason why I am doing these things.  

My battle before the AYC did not stop there, there was one more thing: I was asked to lead the praisefest for our AYC. I was so happy because it was one of my dreams and God has finally made it come true. I had doubts before the date of our AYC like: can I really lead people to worship? Do I deserve this privilege? On the day of our AYC, there were a lot of people. There were so many things that we did not expect; there was even a point when the electricity came out. The whole service team panicked and most of us did not really know what to do. I was so down for a few minutes and I started to cry at the backstage because I was so tired and was so anxious about everything. I started to doubt again, I asked God: “Lord bakit ngayon pa?”  (Lord, why do these oppressions need to happen now?)

Because I was so down, I did not know if I would be able to lead. I saw my own brothers and sisters in our area felt so sad too. The whole crowd seemed to have lost their energy together with the electricity.


Raf Panis, Cavite Chapter 4 Servant leading the Prasiefest


Doubts started to creep in my heart but there was this part of my heart wanted to trust God and I felt His message to me  was:

“Anak gusto ko magtiwala ka kasi alam kong kailangan mo Ko”

(Son, I want you to trust me because I know that you need Me)

 The praisefest started and I will never ever forget that moment when the whole YFL Cavite sang in chorus. At that time, we were truly one in Christ. Despite the lack of electricity, all of us were just singing praises to God. I was so affirmed that God will never ever leave my side.

In the middle of the praisefest, the electricity suddenly came back. It was one of the highlights of our AYC. All of us were in awe. God can really surprise us. We experienced so many struggles before and during our AYC, I felt hopeless but God wanted us to trust Him even more because He knows that we are fighting for Him.


The whole series of events reminded me na HINDING HINDI TAYO MAGISA LUMALABAN.

We are not fighting our battles alone. God was, is and will always be on our side.

And for that may God be praised.


The whole CFC YFL Cavite singing Christ is Enough


A Sharing by Raf Panis, Chapter Servant from Chapter 4, Area of Cavite

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