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San Lorenzo, Makati City. — CFC YFL and Assumption College, through Sr. Migs Vedua, ra, partners together for a series of Youth Mass. Last December 6, 2013 the last Youth Mass for the year 2013 was held.






The night started with a Pastoral Session given by Kuya Gam Guarnes. He shared about us putting our hopes in Jesus; and us being hope to other people. It was followed by Kuya Julius Eguia who shared his own experiences as a missionary sent to give hope to our brethren in Tacloban and Leyte. Afterwhich, the whole assembly was invited to a praisefest led by Kuya Jo-i Villas, who exhorted that as a people who give hope, we must become bearers of Christ’s light. Our very selves must exude the light and love of Christ.






The celebration of the Holy Mass, the highest form of worship, capped the night. The sacrament was presided by Rev. Fr. Edwin Soliva, SDB.





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The entire night have become a prayer for the survivors and victims of the past calamities that have hit the country.

More Youth Masses are to come this year 2014.

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