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Last January 24, 2014, Centro Escolar University, together with CFC YFL, conducted a recollection for the 4th year dentistry students. The PFO given was Purpose Driven Activity to help them realize their true worth and to inspire them to find their purpose. The said activity started at around nine in the morning with an introduction by the University Chaplain, Fr. John Keenan followed by a short prayer.


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The first session, entitled “True Colors”, was given by our YFL Campus-based Program Coordinator, Kuya Kevin Remandaban. It started with an activity wherein the students were asked to write what are their good and bad points in their “What’s hot? And what’s not?” paper. The session was about knowing our worth and a reminder that God made us special that we don’t have to be someone else in order for us feel loved. It ended with a group sharing among the students and was followed by a short break.


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After the break, the recollection resumed with the second session led by Ate Dhei Puyaoan. It is entitled “Driven by Purpose”. The session was very personal as it allowed participants to reflect upon their life’s situations and discover their purpose. The session ended with an activity, where participants were asked to down their own S.T.O.R.Y (Strengths and weaknesses, Topics, Optimal conditions, Relationships and Yes! Moments) and share it to their peers.


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The afternoon session started with a game led by Kuya James Michaelson of Adamson University and Ate Trenzy Rombaoa of De La Salle University to break the ice. It was followed by the last session entitled, “Ready to A.C.T”, led by Ate Kaye Matignas. It was a reminder that everything we have comes from God and He should be glorified with all the blessings we receive. It also taught us that we should live out our passiosn by sharing our time, talent, and treasure. Ate Kristine de Leon shared her story on how she found her purpose in life to her fellow Escolarians. The Sacrament of Confession was simultaneously being given by the university chaplain during the afternoon session. The whole recollection was capped with the Holy Mass.


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The recollection was indeed a day of finding our purpose and passion. For me, this passion of serving God will never end and I hope to reach our crazy dream to have a nation of Christ’s followers. It’s crazy, but who knows? It’s REALLY WORTH trying.

News-ed by Ate Dhei Puyaoan
Mission Volunteer, Campus-based Program

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