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Last February 8 and 9, 2014, CFC YFL gave recollection to 130 4th year Accounting Management graduating students of Batangas State University. The PFO given was Discovery Recollection, one of our activities in the Crowd Activities Manual.

The venue of the recollection was in Tagaste Retreat House in Tagaytay City. The students arrived in the venue at around 11 AM. The recollection started at 2:30PM.

The mission team was composed of Kuya RJ Moriones, Kuya Michael Caiga, Kuya Julius Eguia, and Kuya Koko Borjal.

The recollection started by orientation of the participants by Kuya RJ Moriones. He relayed the expectations and the attitude to take for the participants to fully get the best experience in their recollection.

The first session, entitled Through the Father’s Eyes, was given by Kuya RJ Moriones. He talked about how the world sees their beauty and worth and how God sees them perfectly and faithfully. The session ended with a reflection and a dyad discussion.

The second session, entitled Friends for Life, was given by Kuya Koko Borjal. It focuses on the importance of keeping genuine friendships. Also it values that friendship is a gift from God. There was a reflection at the end of the session. The participants were asked to list down friends who bring life to them and friends that they want to influence.

The third session, entitled Perfect Moments, was given by Kuya Michael Caiga. He talked about building strong families for Christ. He urged the participants to value their family because it is a gift from God. There was an activity in the session wherein the participants were given a letter from their parents. It was a heart warming experience for everyone.

The night ended with a candle lighting activity to signify that they will share what they learned through the three sessions to others.

The last day of the recollection started with a Holy Mass followed by the last session, entitled Love Forum. Kuya Julius Eguia was the speaker of the forum and he gave the participants the true meaning of love.

The recollection went well and the participants went home full with God’s love. They learned and discover the love of God through themselves, friends, and families and even in their love life.

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