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A Statement Regarding PBB Teens

Garbage in, garbage out.  This saying does not only apply to a person’s daily diet but so much more on what he feeds his mind, his heart, his soul.  Such is the case when we spend our time watching shows that masquerade as champions of the youth and yet promote values that run against the good, the true, the pure that young people are yearning for.

One concrete example of such a TV show is Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition (PBB teens). It prides itself as the avenue for young people to express themselves, to be themselves in a “reality show” setting. It is on it’s 4th year with “graduates” in the likes of Kim Chiu, Ejay Falcon, James Reid, Ryan Bang, Gerald Anderson and Robi Domingo – all making a name for themselves in the local showbiz industry.

The young people on PBB teens are subjected to situations that would drive them to be who they are – not just to be able to get the audiences´ favor (which would allow them to remain longer in the show) – but to also end up as the BIG Winner. And in their minds that is their ticket to greater fame and fortune.

BUT as the young participants “live their life” inside the house and perform their tasks, they knowingly or unknowingly promote beliefs that are harmful to the youth in general. There have been a number of objectionable situations in the past PBB teens episodes such as same sex kissing, promotion of early relationships, and just recently, a certain PBB member was seen masturbating under the sheets. It was shown during the afternoon time slot of PBB teens, thus being on TV for all children. This did not go unnoticed for sure as that certain event went viral on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. Without the networks diligence, it was shown and it became a subtle approval of masturbation. Whether this was not omitted consciously or unconsciously is another issue. The crux of the matter is that this show influences our young people negatively.

We call on young people to stop patronizing PBB teens so as to put a stop to this show and shows such as these in the future. There are far greater things that we can occupy our time with and far more useful and beneficial shows that we can patronize.

We also call on the producers of this show to be more responsible by making sure that you show the true, the good, the beautiful in your TV program by coming up with much better situations for them to participate in. You have wasted a great opportunity of forming our young people and have become even instruments of their corruption.

We in CFC YFL say no to PBB Teens. Stop feeding us garbage for we are not worms but young people with dignity and honor.

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