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My first shout experience taught me that the only reason I am called to be His servant is all out of His love for me, that because of this love, He chose me to be His instrument despite of my unworthiness and imperfections. Also, [that] this love that will keep my co-servants and I moving as front liners of the whole district of Cavite.

This 2012, the Lord freshen up our hearts of what He had already told us and taught me things that would strengthened my convictions. This Shout made me realize that what I am before was never enough and that I must grow more in my relationship with Him. And to be able to be so, I must become less and less. And less is giving selfless love. A selfless love that He himself first showed us, and which we are to follow as His disciples, as His instrument in the area of Cavite. That for us to offer ourselves to Him is to surrender everything in our lives and follow Him. And for that, may God’s almighty Name be praised!

By: Dana Tumaque (YFL Cavite)

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