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I love to eat! Everyone who is close to me can attest to that but more than finding new food to eat what is more fun for me is discovering new places where to eat. Last month I did just that!

A good of friend of mine asked me if I like ramen. She told me that she found a new ramen place along Kapitolyo in Pasig City and she is inviting our friends to have lunch there and see the place. At first, I hesitated since I need to do a lot of stuff but the invitation is so enticing that I can’t resist, after all, who can say no to free food. So, I went with them and see the place and discover the best ramen in town!

As I eat my ramen, I realize that our life is full of so many invitations just waiting for a response.  It is full of surprises just waiting to be discovered. We all have experience it, an invitation to go to a road trip, an invitation to be in a party, an invitation to stay with a friend, an invitation to experience something new and different.  In all of these invitations we knew that the only way for us to enjoy whatever this invitation is offering us is to take a chance, take a leap of faith and say YES to those invitations.


Jesus Invitation to CFC YFL

Jesus said “Come and See” (John 1:39)

I think this is also what the two disciples learned when Jesus said to them “Come and See”.  If you read the bible passage you will see that they tried to follow Jesus so that they might get his attention and finally get an invitation to be with Him. Why? Because both of them are attracted to Jesus, both of them want to be with Jesus and both of them are waiting to be invited by Jesus.

I believe that just like the two disciples we in CFCYFL are also being invited by Jesus everyday:


1. Invited to talk to God

Everyday Jesus is inviting us to speak to Him. He is inviting all of us to look for answer to all of our questions in life in Him. He is inviting us to tell all of our complaints, doubts, and concern to Him. He is inviting us to share our joys and victories with Him. He is inviting us always to have an intimate relationship with Him and that is only possible if we will say yes to His invitation to talk to Him. He is willing to reveal His heart to us, His plan for us, and His dreams for us. Let us take that invitation to talk to Him and discover His great love for us.


2. Invited to stay with God

Everyday Jesus is inviting us to be with Him. He is inviting us to be close to Him and enjoy His company. He is inviting us to experience Him through the Mass, Sacraments, and the Blessed Sacrament. He in inviting us to be with Him because He knows that life is difficult and that we need a refuge from all the chaos of the world. Let us accept that invitation to be with Him and discover the joy and peace of just being near Him.


3. Invited to meet God

Everyday Jesus is inviting us to be with Him through other people. He is inviting us to grow in relationship with Him by growing in relationship with our brothers and sisters in Christ.  He is alive and He is present in the lives of our brothers and sisters. Let us discover his love for us as we experience Him with other people. Let us take that invitation to see, hear and feel Jesus through the people in our parish, school and colleges. Let us experience Him through our family and friends. Let us experience Him through our ministry (CFCYFL).

It is by saying YES to these invitations that we encounter Jesus in a deep way in our lives. It is in these encounters that allow us to discover ourselves better, to discover the answers to our questions in life, to discover meaning in our lives!


Jesus Invitation to our Couple Coordinators

The invitation of the Lord is not only limited to our young brothers and sisters but more so to all of you our beloved Couple Coordinators. The Lord is inviting you just like St. John the Baptist to show the path of our YFL members to Christ. The two disciples can never learn that Jesus is inviting them not until John the Baptist point them to Christ. That is our mission as coordinators to always point the young back to Christ. Let our encounter with the young always lead them to Christ.

The invitation is real! Jesus is inviting all of us to come to Him and see the beautiful life that He has already prepared for us. The decision is up to us! But I encourage you to say Yes to Him and discover the many great things that are still in store for all of us! Let us come to Him and see the limitless possibilities that he is offering us!




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