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Limitless in God2


I will tell you something about me, I love the beach! There is something about the sea, sand, and breeze that never fails to put me in a great mood. As soon as my feet touch the water and the sand all of my worries and concerns are just washed away.

Last month God has given me an opportunity to do just that! I went on mission last October 25-29 to Eastern Visayas for the Regional Youthfest. After the youthfest our host invited us to visit Canigao Island. It is a very beautiful white beach with a few huts and a lighthouse. Just looking at it makes you want to live there.

As I walk around that island I was struck by the beauty of the sea, sunrise and the water. This makes me realize that our life is full of limitless possibilities [that are] just waiting for us to discover and that God wants you to have that limitless life right now!


I believe that we in CFCYFL are made to be limitless! Let me share to you how I think we can be just that:

1. Recognize that what we can do is Limited.

As I watch some of the people in the beach made sand castles that are being washed by the waves of the sea, I realize that what we can do as human beings are limited. We can do everything to protect our sand castles from the waves but it will always be futile. When we learn to accept the fact that we can’t do everything, we will start to discover that we need someone who can help us do all things. That someone is God, He has always been there with us. He has been offering his help to us every day so that we may have the power to do all things.

2. Recognize that what you can reach is Limited.

As I watch the sunrise break the darkness in the beach, I realize that what we can reach is limited. We can plan and do all that we can to reach our life goals and dreams but as much as we want to achieve all of them, we need to accept the fact that we are limited. When we learn to accept that fact, we will discover what is truly essential in life, and that is to achieve God’s dreams for us. When we start to chase God’s dreams for us only then can we truly be happy.

3. Recognize that our failure is Limited.

As I watch the vast sea in front of me, I realize that our failures, sins, and mistakes are limited. God’s love and mercy for us is as limitless as the sea. Hence, there is no sin to big, failure to great and mistakes so bad that that God cannot forgive.

In the end, I learn a very important lesson in the beach that day: I am limited but my God is limitless. My personal relationship with Him assures me that I too can be limitless because of Him. Let us all claim the limitless life that God has given us since the day we have accepted Him in our lives.




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