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Toril, Davao City. — Over eighty YFL members from Davao, Mati, Tandag and Davao-Campus Based gathered for a day of fun and empowerment during the recently held District Youth Conference last November 15 at Camp Mary Hill, Toril, Davao City.




The program started with the Holy Rosary and opening worship. After some new songs have been taught, the first session took place. It was given by Ate Maan Garcia, a mission volunteer from Metro Manila. The talk was entitled “Modern Saints and Martyrs”. During her talk, she emphasized that everyone has the chance to become a saint no matter how sinful one may be.




Following the first session, was a celebration of the Holy Eucharist. During the homily, the holy priest talked about using our God-given gifts in order to give glory to our Heavenly Father.




In the afternoon, an I-Sikat segment took place. Some of our brothers and sisters showcased their various talents. Subsequently, two separate workshops occurred. One workshop was the plied for the members and one was for the leaders. The workshop for the members focused on practical holiness and tips on evangelizing; on the other hand, the workshop for the leaders reminded its listeners the proper posture of a servant leader and seeing social media as a powerful tool in evangelizing other people.

After the two workshops, the leaders headed back to the session hall. Warriors, was the title of the second session. The speaker was Leo Feliciano from the District of Manila. In his talk, he challenged all the participants to fight for their conviction and to strengthen and defend our belief by studying deeply the Catholic faith. He reminded each one to go against the tides of the modern world.








The whole program culminated with passionate testimonials from some of the young leaders of YFL Davao followed by an activity wherein each one was asked to form a circle with their own area while each servant leader fervently prayed for his or her respective group.






Our team has been truly favored to have the opportunity to serve in this District Youth Conference. We pray that more and more young people get to know the beauty of the gospel of Christ and may each one of us strive to become holy men and women who will courageously live their lives for the Lord.





News-ed by Ate Karen Penetrante
Mission Volunteer

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