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I learned that no matter how hard the situation is, God will always be there for you. All you have to do is to have faith, trust and remain in His love. Financial matters, unfinished business to a potential leader issues and our examination week filled me with doubts if I can go to DYC or not. It was a last minute decision and I know God has a purpose and a reason. He is a great provider and has better plans for me than I had for myself.



Leader’s Workshop


When we were in the session hall, I told myself, “Ahhhh… I’m going to be a benchwarmer again”. After a powerful worship and the first session, I thought that was the end of it until I was one of those who were called to come in front with a group of people. They said we’re going to dance and my stage fright came out instantly. We came out in the session area and walked through another hall that was relaxing and cold. When I found out that our group is having a leaders workshop, questions started to circle in my mind like if ‘Am I worthy to belong here?’, ‘Am I capable to be a potential leader?’ In the middle of the talk, God made me realize that he has a purpose. He’s calling me to be a leader because He loves me so much. I’m blessed because I am one of the few rightly chosen ones without even knowing. It was a great opportunity and privilege. We have to accept and stand out for what’s right! Those hindrances that triggers us to not serve God must be our motivation and inspiration to keep us going and pursue what is really just.





Shared by Nikka Abellana
District of Mati

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