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As a kid one of the things I took pride in was being chosen to represent my class in Chess tournaments in our intramurals. Each time I’m chosen, I embrace the fact that I have this gift of playing it, the fact that I’ll need to train in being chosen, and the fact that I have to live up to the title of “best chess player” in the class. In being chosen by the class I was set apart, in being chosen I had to live up to their expectations that I may not let them down. Being set apart affirms us of our achievements and our humanity and ultimately that affirmation is what will make us strive to live out our calling.

If being chosen by people already makes us special, what more with God choosing us? Imagine our lover choosing us over others? Indeed it makes us feel special, makes us feel overjoyed, and makes us feel like we can take on anything as long as we have Him by our side. Though it is indeed a privilege to be set apart by God, this calling that comes from God will be a long journey ahead. It is one where we will journey together with the cross of Christ, along with the trials, the sufferings, the persecutions, and the sorrows. When we look at it this way, we hesitate to say yes, we hesitate to continue gripping on God, and we find ourselves in a position where we might choose to let go.

Here’s the good news though: God still continues to call us despite the feelings and the hesitation that we have. Even if Moses had His doubts, even if Job had his questions, even if Paul led his persecutions, and even if Peter let go of Jesus calling, God called them to still follow Him. These men embraced the yes of God, embraced the cross wholeheartedly, and embraced their mission to live out the calling. 

God calls us despite our shortcomings as well for God’s calling will always be with us and that will never be taken away. As we embrace our being “Set Apart” from God may we embrace the call to be different as well. What do we embrace?

  • The call to See with the Eyes of Faith

First is seeing things with the eyes of Faith. Yes it is true that an authentic Christian life is indeed a life filled with much adversity. Rather than meeting these adversities with complaint and sadness, may our posture be “What does God want to teach me in this situation?” In many situations in the books of our Servant General, he writes different situations where we may encounter adversities but may still see it as a blessing for God is working in us through these moments. May we see Him in the midst of these situations

  • The call to Embrace Holiness despite Adversity

Second is embracing Holiness despite adversity. It is one thing to see things in the eyes of Faith, but it is another to embrace our crosses. The Christian life indeed is one that gives us great joy, but the Christian life is also one that requires us to carry our call to holiness despite the cross. In the book, our Servant General further tells us that the cross is what leads us to Christ, that in trials and difficulties we grow to the person God wants us to be. Let us choose to embrace Holiness, not only embracing the joy, but embracing the adversities that come with it.

  • The call to Live out the Call of God everyday

Lastly we are called to live out our calling every single day of our lives. We do not just say yes to God for a day or two, but we are to say yes to God everyday. The call to be set apart if the call to live out our being different everyday. May we take confidence in our calling, set our eyes on God alone, and continue to move forward in living out our calling. In this calling we ultimately grow in our holiness and in this calling we will ultimately reach Him in heaven.

God is calling us to embrace our calling to be set apart! Now the question is are you willing to embrace the call to be different for Him?

Migs Magtibay is a Full Time Pastoral Worker of Missionary Families of Christ. He serves as the Area Youth Servant of NCR South and as the representative for the MFC Youth Church Relations.

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