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Have you ever prayed and not felt anything?

With the pandemic and global crisis surrounding us, our crosses right now seem so heavy that we really have a hard time getting up and being deep in prayer. The thing is, no matter how much we want to be in a state of grace at all times, we will sometimes be consumed by the pressure around us.  This has been happening to me for quite a time now.

My relationship with the Lord has been at highs and lows. I would be blessed to see how God is working in different aspects of my life through His affirmations that I am enough and deserving of His grace.  But when the reality of now hits me, I would break down feeling unworthy of His love and incapable of serving Him.

It is easy to praise and worship the Lord at my highs. But when I am at my lows, I couldn’t feel Him working at all. Serving Him does not fill the longing of my heart. It seems like I’m doing things out of responsibility. Praying just for doing it, rather than wanting to converse with Him. I am not in my usual self. I am not the servant that I should be.

This may seem to be what they call Spiritual Dryness. Being in this season is a lot harder than I have ever imagined, but our Good Lord led me into His truths.

  1. Spiritual dryness is normal. This season is tough, but this will not change our identity as His sons and daughters. We are not less of a servant just because our fire feels different now. This dryness is temporary; our fire will soon be lit again.
  2. We have to be honest that we are indeed in our dry season. Admitting this will allow us to be vulnerable before God, that we are not capable of healing on our own, and we need Him to take over us. Only at this point when we can fully allow God to take control of what’s happening in our life.
  3. Even when we are spiritually dry, He continuously calls us to be with Him. The difference is, this time, we are called to intentionally seek Him even when we don’t feel it. We may not seem to see it, but as we continuously hold on to Him, little by little, we begin to develop our trust. Remember that he is building a deeper relationship in this season, founded by confidence and trust, with us.

Our spiritual dryness is a long journey, but it will be worthwhile if we choose to spend it continuing what God has called us for. We may feel like He isn’t working, but in reality, He is always present in the things unseen, which will be revealed to us once the journey ends.

Hold on to hope and carry on. When conquered with the Lord, our spiritual dryness is the most extraordinary witnessing story we may ever have.

May God be praised.

Gilora Rabago is a Mission Volunteer of MFC Youth serving in the Luzon Missions Team.

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