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Everything is Grace

Few things I (re)learned one weekend (September 13-15, 2013).


God is truly generous. He will even give you more than you can ever dream of asking Him for.

Friday afternoon, I was preparing to go to Baguio for their Chapter Assembly. Before heading off, I decided to drop by the 34th Manila International Book Fair at the SMX. Although I have been excited to go all month, that afternoon I didn’t feel like going mainly because I just enrolled earlier that day which meant I didn’t have enough funds to buy books. Anyway, I decided I would just “window” shop…it’s just the thrill of being in the presence of so many books that I was after. So there I was, strolling along the religious books section when I chanced upon two people very close to my heart :D And it was because of this chance meeting that I went out of the Book Fair smiling from ear to ear and carrying two bags full of books! I’m still amazed at how it all happened. It was a blessing from God, nothing else could possibly explain it! Ahhh…and I can’t explain what I’m feeling right now, I’m just so happy!!! Books!!! <3 :D

It did not end there. I thought initially that I was going to Baguio alone, but apparently, a CFC was coming with me. Another blessing! The bus we rode was first class de luxe (the bus with a comfort room, an attendant, free bottled water, chips and cupcake) and I didn’t spend even a cent. O,o And to think that morning I was so anxious about money.

That whole weekend, not only was I able to buy books and ride a first class de luxe bus, but I also had free breakfast twice on Saturday morning, free lunch and dinner, free breakfast and lunch on Sunday, and I didn’t spend anything for my fare going home.

God really showed me.




Sounds emo but that weekend, when I thought I was going to Baguio alone, and later on, when I realized that though I had company I was still technically on YFL mission alone, I felt…well, alone. I texted my friends to pray for me and my friend Ira replied (and reminded me) that I wasn’t “alone”. God was with me on that mission. And He really was. Well, He is always. With me I mean. With us. All. Yeah. Hehe.

I realized also, that God will always send people to take care of me.


Truth be told, I am one socially awkward penguin. I have the tendency to shy away from people I’m not really acquainted with. But because I was, in a way, the YFL representative that Saturday in Baguio, I had to just put the effort to be more sociable. I guess it was also a blessing that I was there “alone” because I had the chance to really talk to the YFLs and the Tito’s and Tita’s there (well, the Tita’s more than any other group. hehehe). Also, God really gave me the opportunity to use all that He is leading me to learn for His glory. Who would have ever thought I could teach a song?! That only happens in mission! :) ))

Sunday morning, I woke up really early. My next stop was Pampanga and I had to catch the 5 AM bus going to Olongapo, which passes by that route. That time I just really felt the love of the community because my host Tito and Tita and our coordinators, Tito Jay and Tita Troix, also woke up really early just so they could give me a ride to the bus station. AT 4:30 AM. I spent the whole morning traveling, arriving at the venue of the assembly in Masantol, Pampanga at around lunch time.

I was really stretched that weekend. Not just my social skills, but also my patience. Going home that day, I had to wait in line for two hours (again the love of community, one of our YFLs accompanied me to the terminal), and when finally I was in the van and all I really wanted to do was sleep, these women beside me kept on yapping and yapping for the whole ride. In really loud voices. It took me every ounce of patience I had not to yell at them to shut-up and let the rest of us get some sleep. But oh well. Patience is a virtue.




I must always be mission-ready. Because I am a missionary, I am expected to be a missionary. That means doing things that are out of your comfort zone. And things at first you’d think is not “part of the job”. I realize being a missionary means building relationships. My mission areas aren’t just the “areas” I’m assigned to, but the lives of the people there as well.


Everything that happened that weekend was only by the grace and love (and extreme awesomeness) of God. Everything that I was able to give came from God. There was nothing that I could claim to have been from me because even that capacity to give is from HIm. I did nothing. I am nothing. I have nothing. God is everything.

Everything happened by His grace.

Everything is His grace.

May God be forever praised.


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