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Goinf Back to the Core

Perhaps, the greatest decision I have made in my entire life is the one which made me into where I am right now – potentials maximized, boundaries pressed on, family and social life hardly attended, and weekends stolen. My choice of becoming a doctor indeed had made all these differences. Along the 5 years I had at Ateneo School of Medicine, I already did a lot of ranting, questioning, and reflecting. Is this really for me? Then I hold all the transcriptions, books and highlighters, and now my stethoscope then question myself again, what on earth have I gotten myself into? To think that I’m about to graduate in some 5 months from now. Then I read reams of transcriptions, carried tons of books, drank liters of coffee and stay up late preparing for reports; is this God’s plan for me? But then again, all these predicaments had its answers. All these hardships are truly worth enduring because of the sole reason that this is my way of serving the Lord and bringing back all for His glory.

Perhaps, there were just a lot of times that as I stress myself into these lots of academic loads, this conviction is just buried down to my subconscious; making me lose my grasp of purposeful living and studying. Nevertheless, I am grateful that this reflection served as a great eye-opener for me. It triggered me to bring back my conviction from the subconscious of my brain down to my very heart. It brought me to the core reason why I actually said yes some 5 years ago.

There were several factors that made me into who I am and where I am right now as a med student.  Looking back on the months before I was finally accepted at the school, it was likewise a crazy and adventurous ride of jumping in, letting go, letting God, and finally arriving into that one ultimate decision of being able to heal others. I remember I started my serious discernment for my career last August 2008 and it lasted until I submitted that confirmation fee at the Ateneo; and there were really a lot to tell. My mother for instance, first and foremost was one of the people who made me value to become a doctor. As a pediatrician, she exposed me to the health scene by making me assist in her procedures and the like. Nevertheless, I believe, what’s more significant is when I was moved by the form of her service of how she was able to help. These experiences certainly complemented my dreams of becoming a doctor which I already had even when I was still young. What made me further decide were my exposures to the medical field when I did several hours of internship as a Nutritionist back at college to hospitals and communities.

But perhaps, one of the greatest factor and the last that I considered before finally going into med school is if I can continue doing my mission work as a CFC Youth for Family and Life (YFL) Mission Volunteer. At YFL, I am able to proclaim God’s words and see the youths grow before the Lord with my very eyes; and I am certain that I really have to respond to that calling as well besides being a med student. Now, 5 years after since 2009, I’m still doing Mission Works, occasionally going to different parts of the country, while altogether studying Med School. In a span of 5 years of med school, I was able to serve in various provinces such as Isabela, Nueva Ecija, Baguio, Bataan, Cavite, Batangas, Laguna, Metro Manila, Quezon, Mindoro, Cebu, Bacolod, Dumaguete, Cagayan de Oro, and Toril, Davao. Surprisingly, he has even allowed me to go on mission abroad – Thailand and Singapore. All these things happened when exams come and go.

The Lord even called me to join the school choir and compete in inter-med school competitions. I really don’t know how I manage to do these things; that I can get to serve Him on both fields. It’s really of His greater hands and I’m really grateful. Remembering all these things certainly brought me to realize my heart and conviction of being of service to my God and to others; and hence, making me to do my very best all for His greater glory. Perhaps, going back to your innermost desires made all these possible; and of course with the Almighty’s great power. Go back to the core why you do all these things. I tell you, it is possible. Studies and service at the community at the same time is a perfect mix.

I would just want to share some photos as proof that serving well in both your studies and at CFC YFL is indeed possible. Living the best life ever.


2009 – 2014. Speaking of the Lord in households, assemblies and youth camps in different places all over the country.

Enrik speaks during one of the Core Servants Assembly.

Kuya Enrik speaks during one of the Core Servants Assembly.


2012-2014. We survive 12 to as long as 36-hour shifts in the hospitals.



2012-2014.The Lord has blessed me to serve, inspire and be inspired in YFL Campus-Based.





Family. Serving the Lord together with my family.



During Exams. Serve hard, study harder, and pray hardest.



Serving at various YFL and CFC FFL events.



February 2013. Our school choir competed in an inter-med school competition and we won 2nd place.





Kuya Enrik Aguila is a Mission Volunteer since 2009. He is currently assigned in the Campus-based Program. Right now, he is on his graduating year in Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health. He lives in Pasig City.

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