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When we talk about our families, we tend to be more emotional than usual. It is as if the family was a big button in our heart and when pressed will give rise to our greatest vulnerability. Being part of a complete family is the greatest gift I have received in my entire life and it is made special because, at a very young age, my siblings and I  were already introduced to the Roman Catholic Faith. My parents are the reason why we as a whole family serve together in the community Missionary Families of Christ. 

Even as a child, I have already experienced the love of God. Every moment with my family is a Jesus’ experience. They are vessels of His love and through them, God’s love is radiated upon me. Life seemed to be perfect, way back then. We went to church every Sunday as a whole family. We frequently eat together and even serve God through the community by attending assemblies, households, and community events.  All these were proof that when we allow God to be the center of our family,  everything falls in its proper place. 

However, during those times also, I noticed that the more that we as one family grew deeper in our relationship with the Lord, the more that we experienced hardships and trials. We were challenged financially and physically. We even experienced losing someone who is a great foundation of our family—my father. His loss left a great impact on us, his loss became a big question of “How” such as “How can we start again? How can we survive? How can we fight again for our family?”

But despite the pain and the questions, God, indeed, remains good. He never left our family nor has forsaken us. During the time when we did not know how to begin again, God helped us to stand.  When we did not have anything to survive, God provided for us. When we did not even know how to fight, God fought for us. In our brokenness, He still called us to serve more and give more but that call made us whole again.

As time went by, I have realized that the death of my father was not just a painful phase of brokenness but it was more of a phase of preparation for His greater plans for us. Surrendering my family to the Lord means letting Him embrace us and fight for us with His merciful love. His grace is and will always be sufficient and that is what keeps our family moving. In the process of redeeming ourselves from the darkness, His light became our saving path. Truly, God is our family restorer. 

Mumay Hinggan is a Mission Volunteer of MFC Youth serving in the Luzon Missions Team.

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