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I started in the community when I was still a little boy. My parents would always bring me to community events. As I grew older, I attended many events without me knowing the purpose of all those. Then my sister invited me to attend the youth camp and I became a member of YFL now MFC Youth. At that time, I did not really know the reason why I attended the youth camp. For me, it is just because my family is a member of the community and I must be required to become a member too. I really have no idea why I attended and served back then.

As time went by, I attended many formations, teachings, and camps which molded me into the person that I have become today. I think one important thing that the Lord taught me through this community is Commitment. I can say that I remain committed to Him even as if I face many trials, I keep going back to Him. I remember being committed to being a music minister for the community. When I first started to play the guitar in a community event, I promised the Lord that I will continue to worship Him by this talent. Every calling to serve as a music minister, I would always say yes, even if I do not have my own guitar. I just say yes because I know God will provide everything for me. In my heart, I always say “Lord I will worship you through music”. Not that I am good at playing the guitar, but just because of my availability. I kept saying yes until I became part of the ministry band, which was one of my dreams. I realized then that being committed to God will bring you the fulfillment of your dreams. Playing music for the Lord is my passion and also my commitment.

Another commitment that I have with God is my call as a mission volunteer. I really did not think of myself as a possible mission volunteer before. I just served the Lord in any way possible. I go to different places to serve in youth camps and assemblies. I think the Lord planted in me the desire to serve others. We all know that serving in the youth ministry is difficult especially when I think about the other aspects of my life: studies, family, and social life. It is really time-consuming and draining. 

I remember when I was asked to become a mission volunteer, I was then struggling with submitting my projects on time. I was juggling my time in attending meetings, and households. I was always going home late because we had to plan and prepare for events. Those things made me think twice if should I pursue my call as a mission volunteer. But God told me, “I got you”. So, I responded to the call of being a mission volunteer. I kept holding on to God’s promise that He will always be by my side. I went to mission trips in different areas from Luzon to Visayas, always bearing in my mind my commitment to Him: I will serve You with all my heart, soul, and mind because You are my strength.

I realized that it was God’s grace that pulled me through all those challenges. I became a dean’s lister and graduated on time. The events in my life became life-changing and along the way of serving Him, God gave me true friends. I realized also that committing our life to God gives us things that we do not deserve. Today, I continue to hold on to my commitment to God even if I do not feel the zeal in my service. I still pursue my call as a mission volunteer because God continues to choose me. As I end my sharing, I remember when one of my Kuyas (older brother in the community) asked me why I committed yes to being a mission volunteer, I answered: “Kasi hindi naging madamot ang Diyos sa akin” (God did not withhold anything good from me). This Kuya reminded me that if I ever come to the lowest point of my service, I just need to go back to the reason why I said yes. It will help me remember my commitment to God.

I learned that commitment comes when we keep doing the things that we love and for Love even if sometimes we do not feel like it. 

John Lorenzo Bonjibod is a Mission Volunteer of MFC Youth serving in the Luzon Missions Team.

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