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God never forgets. I feel comforted but somehow ashamed of myself whenever I read or hear this line.

I’m the type of person who is used to being busy. Influenced by a society that believes productivity means doing more, I have this mindset that I should always be doing something. I try to squeeze in what I need to accomplish in a short time. There are days when even praying to God feels like a task that I should check off my list; or a task I would just remember when I’m about to sleep. But when I’m going through a rough patch, He is the first one I would remember. I would ask Him to take away the pain and make it easy for me. When I feel hopeless, His Words are my guiding light.

If I were God, I would get mad. I would probably bring up all the times I felt ignored or unnoticed. I would recount the moments when I was the least priority. I would say no to any requests after receiving that kind of treatment. But how blessed am I because God is not like me; He doesn’t throw tantrums. He doesn’t give up on me nor turn His back on me. His mercy is a vast ocean waiting to immerse anyone who steps on it. His love is endless and unconditional.

While we are busy filling our calendars with activities and events, God remains faithful to us. He is waiting for us patiently to pause and talk to Him. He is present at the moment we desire for an encounter. He thirsts for us, and He wants to quench our thirst for Him too. No matter how much we try to fill the void in our hearts with what the world offers, we would still feel incomplete. Because it is only God alone who satisfies. God never forgets, but we must forget. We must forget our pride and go back to Him, who welcomes us with open arms. We need to forget what we are used to, and start over again with Him. Every day is an invitation to deepen our relationship with Him. His mercies are new every morning. Let’s continue to seek His presence in whatever we are doing, and allow Him to surprise us in a way He wants to love us.

Roma Suliguin is a Mission Volunteer of MFC Youth serving in the area of NCR South.

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