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Every day, we are too bombarded with the many things happening around us. We are too concerned about how our families will thrive, how our studies and careers will flourish, how the sick and the deceased will be addressed, and many more. We are so full of questions which make us tired and frustrated of waiting for these uncertainties to be answered.

Personally, I fear losing a loved one. I really ask God for our family to be complete until the end of the pandemic. But upon reading the book “Holy Warriors: A Call to War” by Tito Frank Padilla, I am now hoping and praying that whatever happens, may the Lord be our anchor and strength. Every single day, I tell God how much I want my family to desire Heaven, to strive for Heaven, and to really be Holy Warriors now, here on Earth.

Evil things happen because God allows them to happen, not because God wills it – from the Old Testament to the New Testament, and even up to now. And in this war, against good and evil, we might lose our souls. That’s why we need to be on guard. We need to answer the call to be Holy Warriors.

It was defined in the book that the word “holy” means to be set apart, to be after God’s own heart, humble/obedient/long-suffering/yielded to the Spirit. On the other hand, “warrior” means one who fights for a cause. Being a Holy Warrior means focusing on who God is in one’s life, using and relying alone on God’s greatness and power.

Yes, as Holy warriors, we may falter or get defeated by sin at times. But what matters most is that, after all, we have to strive to make God the center of our lives. We have to repent and believe the Gospel! Look up and be Holy Warriors!

Jovel Autor is a Full Time Missionary at Missionary Families of Christ serving in the Youth Section. She is currently the Live Christ Share Christ Youth Coordinator as well as the Regional Youth Coordinator of Visayas.

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