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Gumaca, a beautiful city in the Quezon province where God called his missionaries to do his mission was a great success. Held on October 20 – 23, 2014, a team of young missionaries, mainly from the District of Lucena, were sent to Gumaca with a banner in their heart “Lord may we see you in whatever we think, feel, or act.”




For the first day of the mission, the team was tasked to give the 14 YFL Gumaca members  a Youth Camp Training in order for them to prepare for the Youth camp which will be held October 25 – 26. The team aimed to inform them about the events that will occur as well as empower them to serve Him with all their soul in the upcoming youth camp.  14 youths that day said yes that truly with the Lord as their strength it does not matter what will come in their way.






Day 2 of the Gumaca mission focused on the pastoral formation as well as the team building of YFL Gumaca. The formations given this time focused on “Being a radical fool for Christ” and “walking with Christ” which aimed for the message that more than anything else, we should aim to always seek Christ in everything we do and show that love so that others may be blessed.






The next 2 days of the mission were dedicated to the youth camp which occurred on Hagakhakin Elementary School. With a service team of 16, the YFL stepped forward and faced the 81 souls to bring them God’s love. Though the task was indeed a big one, the Lord had blessed YFL Gumaca with souls saying “Yes Lord we love you” and emerged victorious in the youthcamp

Indeed the Lord is a great God for the victories that have happened in Gumaca Quezon. Praise God!

News-ed by Kuya Miguel Magtibay
South Luzon Mission Volunteer

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