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The night before going to Gumaca for our mission trip, we had a meeting and talked about our plans for the youth camp and youth camp training, everyone is given a task to do. It was not easy to all of us because we lack man power that’s why we needed to multitask and be flexible.

During our Youth camp training I saw how eager they are to learn the things that they need to know to be able to make the youth camp successful, the youth camp training was tiring but still we are able to have a little bonding after the training.




The following day is when the real battle is going to happen we are all astonished by the number of participants though we are fully aware about their number. We started our camp with a game to make the participants comfortable to each other. After the game we had a teaching of songs, then after that we started the sessions.

God moves in mysterious ways indeed, never did I thought that it would come this fast, that I will be able to speak in front of 85 YFL participants and proclaiming how much God loves them. I felt happy, blessed, and overwhelmed at the same time, because I was able to see God in all the participants and finally God used me as an instrument to bring those youths closer to Him. It was very challenging in my part because it was my first time yet very fulfilling because I was able to deliver the talk.




After the four sessions and the confessions we proceed to the next part, the one to ones. It was very hard for all the facilitators to conduct the one to ones because first it was already six pm when we started and it was dark already that’s why we had a hard time finding our babies, another reason is because we have a limited time in conducting our one to ones considering that each of us has 5-7 babies. Fortunately we are able to finish all of them in the given period of time.

The following day we had a team building, it was very fun and seemed to turn up to fellowship. During the talk five it was the time when they became emotional especially when their parents came. It was overwhelming and touching to all of us seeing how God turned their lives upside down.




For me our Gumaca mission was indeed very radical and will be one of my most memorable missions because it made me do the things I never thought I can do. It was very challenging but after those sleepless nights, those tiring moments after all those hardships that we encountered I can proudly say that by the Grace of God, we are able to end the camp successfully.

Shared by Paula Daquigan
District of Lucena

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