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God's Calling


This year I will celebrate my third year as a full time pastoral worker. Really time flies so fast. I am still in awe of the miracles God performed in my life for the past three years of serving Him through this ministry. 2010 was the year that God called me to serve Him as a missionary. It was a difficult decision to make since I am helping my family financially and I have big dreams to fulfil. But through prayer and discernment God just promised me that he will take care of my family and my future. I can’t say NO to a God who is loving and merciful. Indeed after three years serving the Lord I can say that He fulfilled His words to me. I can say that He taught me a lot of things. This learning’s changed my life to the better and I believe what God taught me throughout my three years of being a full time worker is also what He wants you to hear.

God called us to serve

When God called me to do mission work I told God that I don’t know anything. I trusted God that He will supply me with everything that I need to be able to serve Him in the best way I can. I just knew God loves me and that is enough to serve Him with all I got. Indeed He proved to me that I need not to worry about what to say or what to do. I just need to say yes to His call and everything will follow.

Most of the leaders in YFL had this kind of experience. We are afraid of taking responsibilities because of our many limitations. We asked God the question “why me?” Just like prophet Jeremiah he said to God that he is just a young boy and knows nothing. God with all His love anointed Jeremiah to be a prophet to all nations.

Just like Jeremiah we are called to serve through words and actions. We are called to serve Him with all we’ve got and He will take care of the rest.

God called us to take risk

This life serving God as missionary is full of taking risk. Sometimes taking risk forces me to step out of my comfort zones. It’s hard to jump outside of my comforts but He assured me that God is always there outside of it waiting for me. The leap of faith enabled me to push myself to limits and experience the limitless power of God. God is God and I am not.

As youth sometimes we just want to be inside our box and afraid of going out and exploring what is in store for us outside of it. Risk is part of the process of attaining our goals in life. St. Peter once experienced stepping out of his comfort zones. Just like anyone of us St. Peter was afraid. Jesus told us in that story that be not afraid. Yes we don’t know what’s in store for us in the future but risking everything because God told us is worth taking. God may call us to serve in youth camps, to be a household servant or to start up YFL in our schools then let us not be afraid. Let us take courage. Jesus is with us every step of the way.

God called us to a new life

Every time I am given the opportunity to give talk I will always say that my life have never been the same again when I met the Lord. Personal relationship with God enabled me to turn back to my old ways and embrace the life God wanted me to experience. Just like St Paul scales fell from my eyes and saw Jesus as my saviour. My new life in the Lord is a great gift I received.

All of us received new life when we had an encounter with Christ maybe in a youth camp, assemblies or conference of YFL. It was definitely a gift from God. Since then our ordinary lives became extraordinary because God is with us. Now we do things with love. Now are decisions are rooted in the will of God. This is the result of having an encounter with Christ and not missing to have a personal relationship with Him.

This calling is not just for me. It is also the calling to every one of us in YFL. One thing is for sure God is calling us to be part of His kingdom and share our Jesus’ experiences to many more youth. As part of CFC YFL we are called by God to know Him through this ministry, to live out the calling we have and to share the blessings we received because of this calling. When we truly embrace the calling of God in our lives we can say that with faith we will set the world on fire.



Kuya RJ Moriones is a fulltime pastoral worker since 2010. An Industrial Engineer graduate of the University of Santo Tomas. He is now assigned as the Philippine Mission Coordinator, and is the concurrent Regional Coordinator of South Luzon. He lives in Las Piñas City.

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