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My WYC experience was really the best because I met new friends. I’ve learn a lot about my service. How God loves us; and things that he does for us everything specially the things he provide that we need most.




But before I realize all of those I don’t know why there is doubt in my mind. During the praisefest, when I opened my eyes, many questions are going inside my mind. But when I close my eyes I felt great because I think God is talking to me that I should just trust in him and have faith. After that night I realize many things. On the second day of WYC with the leaders of the High School-based program, we managed a booth and many visited our booth. We had fun and shared some of our experiences on how we felt God’s love to our fellow YFLs.

After confession, I felt really great and relieved. When the Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and praisefest has begun on the second night it’s really great I can’t explain the greatness that I felt.

On the third day, I want that our conference would never end but we know that we have to do our missions and share how God loves us everyday.

Shared by Daren Avecilla, District of San Pablo

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  • Elise

    Spectacular Event, want to join them =)

  • rt

    being part of the WYC 2013 is one of the best part of Gods plan in my life. =)
    #143 CfC-YfL

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