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I praise and thank God for the very meaningful and affirming SHOUT 2013 with my Campus Based Sisters. I believe God made a way for me to attend the event despite my tiring schedule in school. It was my very first SHOUT experience and I say I enjoyed it a lot.

I was able to bond with my fellow Campus sisters and Ate’s. I also got to know and appreciate each of them more and I believe we became the best version of ourselves inside the SHOUT house. Also, through God’s grace I was able to step out of my comfort zone by leading my fellow sisters to worship. Truly, I thank God for the gift of sisterhood where acceptance and love is felt.




During the six-day stay at the SHOUT house, I am reminded that all of us are called by God with a purpose for his purpose. And as a response to His calling, we must be humble enough to allow God to control and place his plans in our life. We all know that this wouldn’t be easy but if we just have faith in God, everything will be worth it. Through the Evangelistic Sensitivity workshop, my buddies and I felt what Jesus Christ experienced during his times. Like him, we were also rejected and criticized. We were on the verge of losing hope during that time but God equipped us with perseverance and faith so we chose to not give up and after a long search, at last, we found someone to share our Christ’s story with and hear their own personal story as well. I felt a certain kind of happiness through that activity because I believe I was able to meet and talk to Jesus through that person.  Another important lesson during the SHOUT experience is during the Love Forum where I am affirmed that True Love is beyond feelings, it is a decision driven by commitment, and it is worth waiting for. We must not rush into falling in love but rather, we must love God and the people around us first. I believe that the right and perfect will always be in God’s time.

After the SHOUT experience, I can now say that all of us are ready and equipped with our battle gears and by the grace of God we will face the challenges that awaits us in our respective battlefields- for me in my campus because we are continuously reminded that we are loved by God and we must allow God to work in our lives. We must embrace every trial, tribulation, and rejections that may come our way while we are serving him and glorify God above all. Also, the prefect choice will always be doing what God wants us to do. May all that we’ve learned constantly remind us that in this life, we must seek and hope that in every person we meet, they may find God’s presence in us and we must allow us to make us his instruments in bringing other youths closer to Him and find their true purpose in your will. And for that may God be praised!

Shared by Tin De Leon, District of Manila (Centro Escolar University, Campus-based)

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