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Last June 2011, we celebrated the 30th anniversary of the community. Being a servant for 7 years now(and counting), it was then that it hit me how I really fully appreciate what the community has done not just to be but to my family as well. If not for my parents who were once members of CFC when we were still living in Baguio and the time we were invited to join the youth back in 2004, we wouldn’t be a family today. The community has brought great changes in our lives and I know and believe it was the Lord’s way of blessing me and the people I love.

It was shared yesterday, that we must have that continuous renewal so our spirit will be more rooted to the source. I found myself always holding back tears and smiling deep within from stories of inspiration shown through the videos during the program. It particularly struck me how missionaries faced headstrong life no matter how hard it hit them back. That moment reminded me of how difficult it is to be a missionary. But beyond that difficulty is a life worth every pain and victory. A life more fulfilling and more at peace. And most especially, a life worth spending with the Lord.

Today is the first day of being renewed as a servant of the Lord. I am still hoping and praying for my whole family to be part of the community. I still have to settle all my errands in academics. I still have to look for work. I still have to carry out activities in my cluster and my new service in Campus-based. Indeed, greater things are stil yet to come and greater things are still to be done. And that renewed me will be much more ready.

Thank you Lord for bringing this community into our lives. You reminded me once again that You are still not yet done with me. And that meant so much to me.

by Karla Lardizabal, Parañaque

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