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It’s never too easy to lay down one’s life for the sake of the call; but, my God tells me it’s possible.

I, together with a group of dancers, danced a somewhat lyrical hip-hop choreography. It was exciting when we were rehearsing but as we stepped on that stage to show this, it did not go as how we planned it to be. It was not the kind of performance we wanted to show. Amidst this, God was still great. He simply reminded us, reminded me that in the end, what matters most is giving glory to Him alone, not for anyone else but Him. Maybe God just really wanted us to pour out our best in our simple rehearsals, give our more than 100%. And I’m pretty sure that God saw this, and He’s proud of that. It’s never about how we want it to be; rather, how He planned it to go.

There came a time when we were asked to deeply be in prayer and know what God wants us to do, I had a rather vague call. God wanted me to abandon everything. And I told Him “Lord, ang hirap naman niyan. What do you mean by ‘everything’? What ‘everything’?” And it amazed me how tremendous God’s works are. He called me to abandon everything – every fear, regret, hurt, pain, desire of my heart. It’s hard; and, it’s a struggle on its own. Once, before a team worship, I told God “Lord, feeling ko ako na ang isa sa pinakafearful na tao sa mundo and yet You called me for this kind of mission.”  Looking at it seems so crazy. But, what I think God is making me do is to jump to greater heights. It’s never too easy; and, nobody said it was. Struggles and sufferings arise a lot of times, and I could testify to this. But I know one thing’s for sure, God calls the weak to show His strength so that He may be glorified and people may come to see how great He is – no questions. I thank God for the privilege of calling me to this kind of life. I don’t know how my future is going to be; but, I’m pretty sure that when God holds one’s life in His hands, He makes sure that his future is secured. It may seem kind of vague right now but I know that in God’s perfect time, He will reveal all of this because God’s the Master of Perfect Timing.

by Maureen Causing, Cubao


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