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Last November 6, 2011, over 2,500 members of CFC Youth for Family and Life (CFC YFL) gathered at the Ynares Sports Center in Antipolo to experience the Youthfest – one of the most anticipated annual events of the year for the ministry. The event was inspired by carrier verse taken from 2 Corinthians 12:9 “My grace is sufficient for you, for power is made perfect in weakness.”

Entitled “Gripped”, the Youthfest clearly expressed that in times of weakness and defeat, young people seek for someone to hold onto; and that more than anyone else, it is only God who can perfectly hold on to us during these moments. We are gripped by the grace of God. He grips unto us stronger than how we can ever grip on Him; and this grip allows us to be part of Him and so we are made strong. Many times we fall short and let loose of this grip, but with God’s grace that is always available, we are always gifted with the chance to grip unto Him once again.
The event featured two talks given by distinguished elders from the community. The first talk was given by Joseph Tesoro, the CFC FFL International Coordinator for the Young Ministries. His talk, “The Power Within”, showed how Christ was able to overcome His weaknesses as a human and how He revealed himself to us as God. Delivered a personal sharing from Arvin Serra, a missionary who just came from a challenging mission in Argentina, the talk definitely touched the hearts of the members. The session was culminated by CFC YFL members being given a nail which symbolized what Jesus Christ had gone through just to express His love for us. It served as a concrete reminder that the members can hold on when faced with challenges in their own lives.

The second talk was given Fr. Francis Gustilo SDB, the spiritual director of CFC YFL. His talk, “Gripped by His Grace” allowed everyone to realize that they can overcome their human weaknesses only through the power of God’s grace. Testimonies from Daryl Aloya and Aiza Buensalido (Mission Colunteers for CFC YFL) showed that it is possible to overcome what makes us weak as humans but only through the grace of God. The session ended with the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament which brought the whole of Ynares on their knees as the attendees reverently bowed before the presence of Jesus Christ.

Other than the talks, there were also different fun booths which challenged the participants to face their fears. Everyone also enjoyed a talent show dubbed as “ISikat” which showcased various talents of different YFL members. Likewise, the Youthfest featured the launching of ‘Clarion Call: Live for You’, the first music album of the CFC FFL Young Ministries which features ten original compositions of community members plus bonus acoustic tracks.

Truly the Youthfest 2011 was very successful, all through God’s grace. As another year unfolds, CFC YFL looks forward to a greater year ahead, as the theme progresses from finding strength in Christ to choosing a life in Christ this coming 2012. Gripped by the grace of God, CFC YFL excitedly anticipates the best that is yet to come for the whole ministry and for their own personal lives.

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  • Nikko Tuanio

    Youthfest is my 2nd event that I have attented when I joined the CFC YFL lat year 2011. The first one is the DYC in Tagaytay. Being part of the YFL gives me more inspiration in my life as a student, teenager and a son. It makes me realize that God is my only savior, my friend, and anything else that can describe to HIM. I also realize that, it is not bad to make decisions in my life because I know that God can always be there for me no matter what happen. I don’t want to stop praising him, because praising Him makes me more of me. For being who I am.

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