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We recently finished our CFC Youth For Family and Life year end planning at Cuenca, Batangas last December 27 to 29, 2011. During the first morning, we went up Mount Makulot (about 3 hours trek, going up and down) and at the top of our climb we worshipped as a team. Kuya Cocoi gave a recollection reminding us to expect great things this coming year. We were reminded how small we are in this big work of the Lord, but God gives us the privilege to partake in this exciting mission work. We were reminded of the call to holiness and humility as we endure this work. We also heard about our new assignments for 2012. What a big shake up! We went down Mount Makulot, carrying with us a lot of realizations along with our grateful and excited hearts.

We spent three days closely listening to the Lord, spending time in sharing, prayer and worship, and of course, dreaming, visioning and planning for CFCYFL. After three days, we were able to map out new plans, create new visions for the ministry and set direction for CFCYFL 2012. Last 2011, God has brought YFL to greater heights and this year the Lord will continue to do so, bringing the ministry higher and much further.

The mission is overwhelmingly big (and uncertain), but that’s what makes it all the more exciting. Yes, we will be wind catchers! We will go and let our hearts sail where the Spirit blows. We will go where the Lord leads us this year. There may be waves and storms ahead but we will choose to ride the waves – to take risks, to dare to do new things, to go out of our comfort zones, to be more selfless, to be more loving and radical and to be extra bolder in doing and living out the mission. We will let God take full control, surrendering all our plans to Him. We will strive to live out our declaration of being fearless for Him. We commit to endure until the very end. We commit to trust that His plans are always greater than ours. We will cling to His promise of a great year ahead.

New faces. New assignments. New generation of missionaries serving CFCYFL. Bigger and so much urgent mission to do. More youth to inspire. More parishes, campuses, high schools and provinces to evangelize. Deeper conviction to Live Pure and to be a Cool Catholic. More to give, more to see, more to experience, more sacrifices and more of God’s greatness this coming year. This 2012, may people encounter Christ through us and may our lives and their lives be changed through this beautiful encounter. 2012 will definitely be an exciting year for CFC YFL.

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  • carmela ramos (mhine)

    !!!uhm sna po tmgal aku dto sa group na to ang saya saya ko unang day pa lng tlga im so happy!!! and god bless to every one 🙂

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