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I’ve officially entered a busy season in life. Each day now comes with more demands at work than idle times. I guess, whenever this season comes, it’s so easy to just get lost and weighed down. You always think you’ve set your priorities and schedule right by attending meetings here and there. It’s like you’re doing everything in your power to stay afloat and no one has the right to complain about how and why you’re doing it. You get tired, you complain, you show up again the next day.  That’s the unending cycle of every busy season. Always challenging but completely unavoidable.

With everything that’s coming and passing, I was just adding and piling up things to do. I thought I was doing okay until reality hit me, it actually feels like a huge mess. When all is just said and done, at the end of the day, I find myself in the company of the Lord with a hollow heart. I do not know how to talk to Him anymore. It was all too much about being “busy” and I was neglecting the grace of God given to me by this season. We are all just so prone to complaining and getting lost in the busyness, human as we are. And it resulted in me not knowing the Lord anymore.

As I was trying to get back on track with Him, I listened to a Catholic podcast called “Abiding Together” and it was an episode about the Right to Hope. One of the hosts there so lovingly and peacefully said, “He is who He says He is.” She repeated the line twice enough for me to really ponder on the words. Who does He say He is? And I thought answering this question was quite easy. I could pick up the Bible and list down all the things He said He is. Articles like this wouldn’t even be enough to describe Him. But I wondered that if He is already saying who He is, then it must be a personal conversation. Am I listening to what He’s saying?

I realized that in the midst of my busy season, He is also there, busy loving me. He is present when my mom prepares breakfast as I start my day. He is present whenever I get to enjoy quiet hours of rest in my long hours of journey going to and from work. He is there whenever my dad opens the door for me as I come home. He is there in every online meeting coming in and ending it with me. He is there when my friends ask how my day went and remind me to get some rest. Every little detail of every day lets me focus on how the Lord is telling me He loves me but I was too busy to listen to Him. I was sadly going through the season the wrong way because I was not listening. He was introducing Himself to me in all sorts of loving ways and sadly, I wasn’t there to meet Him.

He is Love.  This is who He says He is. And with all the things that life just throws at us, we tend to drown our identity too. He calls us His beloved. He meets us every second, always making an effort to let us know Him too. He puts us through seasons to love us the way only He knows and it is only with an expectant heart that we recognize that. It is He who we could trust to be our strength as we work. It is He who we could rely on to give us rest. It is He who tells us to not be afraid and to brave the season by blessing us with overflowing grace. May we never get too lost in the busyness to not know that He is God and He is Love. For when the Lover speaks, the Beloved listens. And this is who we are, unchanging in each passing season, always called as His beloved.

Jessa Mui is a Mission Volunteer of MFC Youth serving in the area of NCR North.

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