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Being a servant in the community, there were many times that I still questioned myself why I’d become so. Oftentimes, I question why I became a servant when in fact things that I can offer were just ordinary things, offering my life in simple service towards the members of the community. I accepted God’s call despite being the ordinary person I am.

In entering the liturgical year, we are celebrating the “Year of Saint Joseph.” St. Joseph was known as the most quiet saint, added with the fact that he had no quotes written in the Bible. He lived a very normal life—being a lowly carpenter betrothed to Mary and a foster father to Jesus. St. Joseph may not be out of the ordinary, but he is one of our greatest inspirations through his actions. In the apostolic letter entitled “With a Father’s Love,” Pope Francis reminds us that pursuing greatness does not mean that you need to be extraordinary. Creating a difference within the society does not mean that you need to make great and miraculous acts. We are reminded that in the silence and ordinariness of our service, we receive extraordinary grace from God. The life of Saint Joseph was just ordinary. But with his obedience in doing the will of God, he became an extraordinary model and inspiration to us.

This year was also the year that I knew about the life of St. Joseph. It is a blessing to see and learn the ordinary things Joseph did extraordinarily. With such inspiration from him, I was able to realize the greater purpose of my ordinary service in the community. I learned to embrace the service that I have even in the smallest or simplest way I can. Growing up, I became used to being silent and unnoticed in the things I do. There are times that I seek appreciation for the efforts that I’ve done. But as I see the life of St. Joseph, I realized that this calling that I have is not made to be appreciated but rather, it is made to be accomplished. Doing small things with great love. Serving in silence but equipped with a vibrant heart for God. 

As we continue to serve in the community, we are to look up to the life of St. Joseph. The ordinary things we’ve been pouring may become unnoticed, unappreciated, and out of the spotlight, but sometimes, in the ordinary parts of our lives is where we can find the holiness we are seeking. Yes, it is just “ordinary,” but it is bound with great love and obedience to the will of God. Holiness comes through as we continue to choose in offering our “yes” to Him, pouring all that we have for the glory of God. Let us rejoice in the calling to a life of extraordinary holiness through ordinary service in our lives. St. Joseph, pray for us! 

Kaena Maceda is a Mission Volunteer of MFC Youth serving in the region of Mindanao.

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