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God’s original plan for us is to be with Him and to enjoy His wonderful creation. And because of our (man) pride and disobedience we fell from His eternal plan. He designed it perfectly, but we choose to turn away from it. From the very beginning, evil is doing everything for us to fall. The devil wants us to fall or pulls us down, but God desires to bring / lift us up. And we must acknowledge that we are at war. God desires our good and we stand by Him and be His Holy Warriors!

The situation we are in now is very chaotic! Truths are now twisted! Values and teachings are not relevant nowadays because the people are too busy to reach the top, the best, richest, and happiest in their own way but it comes with a cost: influenced by the world and being dominated by the evil one. And the world is in darkness. 

At times when it seems hopeless, we as a child always look for our mother to seek comfort. In the same way, we also look to Mary as our intercessor in this spiritual battle. We ask for her intercession in this dark times. 

In these dark times, we recognize that we are at war! We are called by God to be His Holy Warriors. A Holy Warrior is called to be set apart and be holy. Striving to be holy is an everyday decision. Having this posture of humility is always taking the lowest place; acknowledges that it is God who accomplishes great things. There are moments where the devil will deceive me that “I deserve this, you should be acknowledged or recognized”, but I am thankful for the prayer of Litany of Humility that God may always increase, and I may decrease.

To be holy is to be obedient, up to the very end! I remember before I became a FTW, one of my leaders told me that this calling is not about being a great leader but a great follower. I kept this up to this very day. Being obedient means to be faithful to the Catholic teachings, being a good citizen and also being a good witness to others.

To be holy is to long for suffering. Sometimes we would want to escape suffering or experience an easy life. That’s okay and there is nothing wrong with that. But there are moments where we escape the suffering because we don’t want to go the extra mile, make more effort, spend or shell-out for the mission, etc. because we would like this mindset: “minimum effort, maximum reward”. Less effort means less suffering. As we embrace this calling may we have this posture to embrace this calling as we embrace the cross. As we long for suffering, we long for Christ. And as we embrace this suffering, we embrace His love. May we also endure in this war, pray when being oppressed or afflicted and trust that the Lord is with us.

To be holy is to yield with joy. When we are in the battle, we rejoice because God is doing wonders in our life. We also rejoice because we celebrate the small victories God has given us. We acknowledge that He is in the war that we are facing, and we are victorious at the end. All we need to do is to have our full faith in Him.

In this world that we live in now, we are sent by God to conquer the world with His light. We will be victorious; our God is undefeated. Let’s live a holy life in this war! 

Mac De Leon is a Full Time Pastoral Worker at Missionary Families of Christ. He is currently the Area Youth Servant of NCR East and is the Campus Coordinator of MFC CAMPUS.

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