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One of the most painful things a person can experience is a broken and delayed plan. We always want our plans to happen in the manner and at the time we intend them to happen. That is why we do our best, give our all, and work so hard to achieve these personal plans of ours because they give us a sense of purpose and meaning. But what if our plans didn’t turn out the way we desired them to be? What happens when God says “no”?

Right now, I am in my third year as a college student. This is the year when I got reclassified from being a BS Accountancy student to being a BS Management Accounting one. Well, this shift was not part of my plan. My original plan was to be a Certified Public Accountant – my ultimate dream ever since; however, in order for me to be one, I need to take up BS Accountancy in college. Two years ago, my heart was so glad when I had the chance to take this dream program of mine in my dream university as well. All was going well during my first year as a college student. But when the pandemic happened and the classes shifted to being conducted online, I was really taken out of my comfort zone. During the initial months, I really struggled to adapt to the new normal. Consequently, there was a subject in which I got a grade below the minimum requirement to continue the program. And just like that, my CPA dream was gone.

I realized that it is really hard and painful to accept that there are things we desperately want, and yet, we can’t have. My plans being broken was very painful to me. I even came to a point where I was already asking, “God, why? Haven’t I done my part? Haven’t you told me your grace is enough?” But the moment I was able to process things, I realized that the delays and the bumps I am currently experiencing is a reason to be downhearted, but it is also a reason to be hopeful and excited. When our plans don’t turn out the way we desire them to be, God is redirecting us to something better. When God says no, there must be a purpose. We may not be able to understand the reason, but God sees ahead, and He is in control. He is a God of perfect timing and He has a perfect destiny for us. When God says no, He is telling us to wait a little further and to hold a little tighter. When God says no, He is telling us that the best is yet to come. It is good to work so hard for our personal plans, but what’s great is to desire nothing but God’s will in our lives. Whenever we experience delays and setbacks, let us hold on to God for all things will work together for good to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28).

Brent Balda is a Mission Volunteer of MFC Youth serving in the area of NCR North.

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