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“We are in a Spiritual Battle!” I often hear this in all the youth camp trainings that I’ve attended. I remember our youth camp team leader would always tell us that we are at war with Satan and all the evil spirits. We were always reminded to put on our armor and ready our weapons for a great spiritual war. We are told to always pray, read the Bible, have a good Confession, go to Holy Mass, serve with love and serve with total humility and surrender to God. I can say, growing up in the community, we have been prepared for war and battle. But upon reflecting and reading this book, we come to realize that the people of God are always at war. Ever since the beginning of time, the battle between good and evil is present. The good will always prevail, of course. But the enemy doesn’t stop there. The war now is here. Families being attacked, friendships being divided, truth being distorted and the people of God confused and being misled from the truth to the lies of the enemy. 

As Catholics, we are missionaries. As missionaries, we are to give our all and offer our life for the mission and for the Lord. As missionaries we are called to take a stand, defend the faith, family and life. As missionaries we are called to be set apart and strive to live a life of holiness every day. This sums up to a great call for us to be Holy Warriors for the Lord. But as Holy Warriors, we can’t fight and we can’t win if we are far from the Lord. We are being reminded to always allow Jesus to dwell in our hearts and live a life of holiness every single day. In this battle, we will be giving our best shot but we need to be aware that without God we can do nothing. We need to be humble and beg before the Lord to strengthen us in this mission work that He has entrusted us. 

This call to be Holy Warriors compels us to endure to the very end. Warriors are always on the forefront of the battle. They take the first blow of the enemy and they stay and remain until it’s time for them to attack. We too are called to do the same – to endure to the very end. This battle will be long and tiring. We will get exhausted, frustrated and tired but by the Holy Spirit, we are assured of God’s providence and help. As we continue to fight, we cling to the Spirit and pray that He led us to victory!

Brothers and Sisters, today the battle, the war, the fight is in our hands. Let us take up our weapons and fight. Fight for the truth, speak up for what’s right and true, call out the false witnesses and those who spread evil and fake news. Lead people to the truth and do not let the enemy outside and the enemy from within rob us of the victory that we all desire to have. Let us equip ourselves by studying and reading and praying so that we don’t come empty handed in fighting the enemy. Lastly, let us be affirmed that the Lord is with us. Let us go to Mary, our mother, and together will all the angels and saints, let us all go to the forefront of the battlefield and fight as brave Holy Warriors!

The enemy has been defeated
Death couldn’t hold You down
We’re gonna lift our voice in victory
We’re gonna make Your praises loud

Shout unto God with a voice of triumph
Shout unto God with a voice of praise
Shout unto God with a voice of triumph
We lift Your name up, we lift Your name up

– Shout unto God, by Michael W. Smith

DR Arellano is a Full TIme Pastoral Worker of Missionary Families of Christ. He is currently serving in MFC Youth as the National Coordinator.

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