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Let me start this article with a question, “Why do people give?” Some of us may think that when we give, nothing will be left on us. We give not because we have so much resources, we give because we know exactly how it feels to have nothing and no one gives us. Looking back, 2020 challenged us on how much we can give in the midst of a pandemic, while everything is uncertain. Many people have been panic buying while other people can’t even afford to stock food for their own family. Some people even sell all kinds of things and go street by street walking diligently under the heat of the sun for them to have a source of income to buy goods for their family. While others have a lot of food and money but waste it on not so important things.

I remember a story in the bible about The Widow’s Offering (Mark 12: 41-44) when many rich people threw in large amounts, the poor widow came and put in two very small copper coins, worth only a few cents. But Jesus said that the poor widow has put more into the treasury than the rich people because out of her poverty, she put in everything that she has even if nothing will be left for her.

May we give like the poor widow who is not afraid to offer everything to Jesus. May we give out of our poverty. There is a great thing that we will feel whenever we give, we feel genuinely happy as Jesus will also be happy for what we did. Let us share our blessings because God will continue to shower us His blessings when we continue to be a blessing to others. Especially in this time of pandemic, may we continue to share what we have without hesitation and without asking for something in return. 

When we give, it is not only the blessings that we are sharing to others, it is also the love of God that we share because we became the instrument of His compassion through our kind action. It is lovely to hear someone say “Thank you” after giving them, but it is much more dear when someone says “Thanks be to God”. May we never look at the status, clothes or age of a people, give freely and let God lead you to a right person to do good deeds. 


“Intense love does not measure. It just gives.”

Saint Teresa of Calcutta

Apple Valenzuela is a Mission Volunteer of MFC Youth. She currently serves in the area of NCR Central.

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