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It is just amazing how the Lord really works in our lives. This YFL Con is a proof that God can do the impossible.  One instance is that I have to overcome stomach cramps on the first day of the conference. I thought that it will make me sick for the whole conference but through God’s grace, He made me able to overcome it and do more of His works!

I remember during the exposition and wearing the wooden cross. It is a humbling experience of [knowing and] feeling how He loved us so much through that cross even though we are unworthy. Yet He made me feel that the cross I wore is His total unconditional love for us. That encounter with Christ through the exposition is the very thing I would always treasure and use to keep my heart and soul on fire. And I will just continue to give it out for God in doing more of His works because He is always with us and He is faithful more than ever.

By Kuya Mac De Leon, District of Manila
YFL Mission Volunteer

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