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Last May 30, 2014, North and Central Luzon held “FEARLESS Servant Leaders Training.” It was a three-day event which fortuitously I became a part of. It was my first time to be a participant that is why I did not know what to expect.

We arrived at the Carmelite Monastery in Tarlac on Friday night. After settling down and dinner, the first session started. The same routine went on for three days – worship, mass, meal time, sessions and workshops. The fellowship and pilgrimage on the second day were a great upliftment to the training!

Within those three days, I have learned and understood a lot of new things about how we can become God’s servant leaders.




I am going to sum it up into three points:

1. “Never think twice” – How many of us have been in a situation where we are called to serve but we hesitated and thought of ourselves as someone who does not deserve any responsibility? I have! Before, I often doubt myself if I can do things and handle what was given or assigned to me. I think I almost used every single excuse I can give just to pull myself off the ‘hook’. “Ate, baka hindi ko ata kaya yan.” “Kuya wala na bang ibang pwede? Siya nalang po kaya?” Then I realized that what I did  was very wrong, it is like I am not only doubting myself but I am also doubting God and the things He is capable of. I have learned through this training that it will never be just me, especially when God assigned me into something. Because He called me, therefore, I must trust Him in using me, because it is a privilege being called.  Do you know how? Just imagine of all the people in your area, in your chapter, in your unit, “Ikaw yung pinili ni Kristo.” And the only thing that is left for us is to just say “yes Lord”! Do not ask Him why but rather, ask Him how!

2. “They are God’s flock, not ours.” – We are called not to tell others that we are the ones who are called but rather, to show others what God wants us to show them. We are chosen to lead others and at the same time to serve them, thus the call of being a Servant Leader. We should keep in mind that we are only instruments of God and being one requires us to be humble, “Si Lord ang nagsasalita sa harap.” Proclaiming and sharing His love passionately to the world through our community will not be easy, especially in our generation but we all know His promise that He is always with us (Mt. 28:20), and that it will all be worth it. “Mahirap oo, dahil marami tayong kahinaan, pero hindi imposible dahil andyan si Kristo.” Let us take the opportunity given to us this year – the Year of the Laity, and be different, be brave but still equal to the other members of God’s army.

3. “Become Fearless.” – Above everything else that we need to do in order to become radical witnesses of God, becoming fearless is the most important. We become fearless when we greatly do what is asked of us – first, to share His love to other people, and second, trusting the Lord our God even more. But in today’s modern life, as I have said, it will be a huge challenge for us because a lot of things are happening – calamities, typhoons, flooding, poverty etc.; and when these events occur, it is hard to trust the Lord because we fear that His love will not be enough to get us through. We fear because we forget that the Lord made us and this whole world and that He is unstoppable. And you know what? Even though we doubt Him at times, He is still there for us and He will always be because that is who He is – our one Great and Loving Father. We have to change our perspective and grow up to be fearless for the Lord. We need to grow up and by growing up means changes within ourselves whether physically, emotionally and most especially, spiritually. “Mawala na lahat ng mga pangarap mo, huwag lang yung mga pangarap ni Kristo para sa’yo.” Being fearless for the Lord is one great privilege given to us by the community and by doing that, we take up our crosses along with Jesus Christ.




Above all, God wants us to partake in proclaiming His great Love for us by being brave and remembering that we are capable of radically leading and serving others because He makes all things possible. Let us all be excellent servants for the Lord.

“It was not you who chose Me, but I who chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit that will remain so that whatever you ask the Father in my name, He may give you.”
John 15:16 (NAB)

Shared by Ariane Rose Salamat
District of San Fernando

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